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New Video Ranking Based on TB's "Show Search Rankings"


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First, I'm new to understanding YouTube SEO. I'm just getting to the point where I'm not drowning, but am still a bit in the flailing stage... :yum

That said, here's my question. I'm running some tests to determine what tools and approaches get the best bang for the "SEO buck", and TB's Keyword Explorer is where I'm spending time right now. I've changed the setting to incognito so that when I click the "Show Search Ranking" button under the list of keywords KE surfaces on a video page so I can get an allegedly more accurate view of how my videos will rank by searches executed by people in the wild. If I understand the ranking correctly, the green number next to the keyword tells me where in the order of a YouTube search my video will show up if that keyword is the search term/phrase. However, my test isn't reflecting that understanding. As you can see from my attached images, KE tells me that my video should rank 7th in an incognito search for that keyword, however, it doesn't. As a matter of fact, it doesn't show in the 9 videos in the player window if auto play is turned off (or when autoplay is cancelled), nor does it show up in the list of 20 recommended videos on the right hand side of the screen. Can you let me know where I've flailed myself into a corner in my lack of understanding?

UPDATE: I noticed that I didn't include a screenshot of the YT search page and was going to do so now, but now the keyword isn't even ranking in the top 20 videos according the TB widget...



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