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Community What are your 2019 Goals?


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I plan to dedicate serious time to my Youtube channel, or should I say channels. I took some advice and decided to create a second channel to separate my gaming videos from my vlog. Now I get to make all new logos, intros, and outros for my vlogger channel. Nothing too different just changing gamer to vlogger and changing anything game specific to something more suited for vlogging. I'll have to work on growing the new channel but I guess I am up for the challenge. I only have to figure out on what channel am I gonna post my "how to" videos. Most likely it will be the vlogger channel since it will be mostly YT how to related videos.

I am also gonna venture into live streaming. I already have a twitch account for gaming, I just have to set up everything to make it work on both Twitch and YT and then I can do game streaming and vlog streaming. Though I may keep the vlogs to just YT and only do chats on Twitch during my gaming streams. I also have to work on promoting each channel on the videos of the other. Also, have to figure out if one TubeBuddy account works on multiple YT channels. Its gonna be an interesting new year.
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TL;DR consistency and vidsummit 2019

Considering what was happening in my personal life, I didn't really care all that much about goals outside of just getting something going and reminding everyone I was still here :) my goal was to maintain sanity (tubebuddy and the community helped a lot there) and spend what time I could with family.
Before I got the horrible news in 2016... I set a goal of hitting 20k by the end of 2017 "100k if I get really lucky" 2017 was a horrible year for me in terms of family, so 100k was never going to happen, but I was pleasantly surprised to reach the 20k mark. The community and positive distractions were more important to me than hitting any milestone.

2019 - My goals are
- Vidsummit 2019 and meeting Andrew and the other Tubebuddy fam in person
- Hitting 50k subscribers (seems realistic enough to me considering I'm at 20k now and wasn't as consistent as I'd liked)
- Posting 1 video a month minimum. twice a month realistically (that's taking into account anything that could happen personally. My grandmother is 94 and every day is a bonus, but I know realistically if god forbid anything happens, like this year, I'm going to need time to process, and for me, time can take months. so I'm factoring that as a possibility to always be mindful of, but she may make it to well over 100 years old, so I can't let the anxeity of people's health completely dominate my anxieties and prevent me from being productive)

Optimistically (fantasies but you never know with hard work and determination)
- Vidsummit 2019 and maybe even be a panelist (I have terrible anxiety, so that might not be super realistic, but you never know)
- Hitting 100k subscribers (with frequent consistent high quality artwork and consistent community growth, I'm sure its possible. If nothing terrible happens in my terribly unpredictable family, I have no doubts that 100k is fully realistic if I set my energy to it. People always say "I never though this or that would happen" I know it will happen, it's just a matter of how long it will take. It's not important that I hit it, but it's still a nice trivial goal to aim for, and you may as well aim high.
- Posting 1 video a week minimum. 2 videos a week realistically if the above uncertainties don't happen, and I work really hard and can get my editing narrowed down)
- 1 live stream weekly. Possibly live streaming on Twitch daily. Twitch is a very relaxed casual streaming platform so being always entertaining isn't a big deal. On YouTube you're more expected to have a show or presentation or topic planned, so weekly is ok for YouTube but not much more than that.
This goal is a lofty one as I only have 1mbps upload speed and this is all determined on if I can get myself a fixed mobile wifi plan that can sustain monthly uploads and live streams for under $100-200 a month. Internet isn't good here, so live streaming may be rare at best, but I'd LOVE to do weekly if I can

I don't need to worry much about community because I think I'm already pretty good at that. More consistency will help grow the community and numbers anyway. So consistency is my big one.

Consistency, consistency in maintaining mental health, and consistency in getting my channel fully financially sustainable :)

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Every year I set a goal that involves numbers. I want to get to blah blah blah subscribers and blah blah views. They are often SMART goals, but is there really a meaning behind them? This year I don't want to set a numbers goal. I don't want to restrict myself to a goal of a certain number of subscribers or views or videos.

My goal for 2019 on YouTube is simple. I want to create content that inspires others, that pushes my boundaries, and that I can look back upon years from now and feel good about. I want to tell my story and the stories of others. I will work every day to improve and become a better version of myself.

2018 was a rough year for me on YouTube. I doubled my views and gained a ton of subscribers, but it seemed like I lost loyal subscribers and the engagement I had built in 2017. I nearly quit YouTube in November because I felt so down that no one cared about my videos anymore. I haven't entirely recovered from that, but I will work my hardest to make 2019 memorable and to make good videos, even if no one watches them.


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My goals for 2019 is to start making more content, both on my Youtube and in my writing. I have a lot of videos I've yet to make and a lot of scripts just sitting in the corner (of my Google docs).

I've kept my weekly uploads to 2 during 2018, but they were the same content. It's been bothering me so that's what I'm planning on doing for 2019 :]
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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you all! Some incredible goals and I would love to get a chance to meet up with some TB people!
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Well, I want to hit 10k subscribers, but the main goal is to consistently get out 4 videos per week, start finding groups of searchable keywords, and building out playlists based on those keywords.

On an artistic level I want to continue pushing and experimenting with making my fishing videos like documentary films. I decided to start with buying more lenses Canon FD 50mm macro lens for my fly tying videos. And a 135mm telephoto FD to replace my 70-210 Canon FD zoom. I've decided to go all prime lenses.
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