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Opinion Things you think about BEFORE hitting the reply button on OTHER people's videos

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So I was getting into a heated discussion on another person's video comment section about some design. The video was based on redesigning logos submitted by viewers and some of the designs I really didn't like and mentioned that (the content creator ASKED for the opinions, and that's generally a great way to boost engagement. Say or do something controversial (trying not to actually offend or hurt someone mind you) and you'll get the comment section debating among themselves which will really get the engagement going (also puts you at risk of opening your channel up to a lot of toxicity from very opinionated folk... some like that for the engagement, others don't want that sort of energy in their comment sections)

So anyway, someone says "you don't know what you're talking about" and I pulled the ol "I have a diploma in this, do you?" (bit of a jerk move to flex a diploma in peoples faces I'll admit, and the guy pointed that out afterwards, another opportunity for personal growth) then I responded and apologies for doing the old "I'm better than because i have this so I can say what i want and you can't say anything to me so your argument is invalid" nonsense.

Then it got me thinking, because I personally consider this ALL the time.

When you're in the comments of someone else, and say they say something you don't agree with, and they're asking for comments, and so you engage in that and give your opinion... or maybe someone in the comments of a video you've watched says something ridiculous and you try to defend a point by replying. Do you ever think in the back of your head "hmm... I might gain an enemy out of this" and think that possibly this person will have the old "well lets have a look at YOUR channel and see if it's any better? oh look, it's not, so I'm going to dislike literally every one of your videos to prove that point" and then worry that every future upload will now have a new collection of trolls coming in just to dislike your content because you did or said something in the heat of the moment months ago and some people hold those kind of resentments for so long that they actually will make an effort to hurt your channel if they can.

And because of all that, every time I'm about to comment, or reply, I think to myself that very thing "am I about to make an enemy here? Do I really NEED to subject myself and my channel to that kind or potential negative energy" and instead of pressing send, I delete and close the video instead, saving myself and my channel from potential backlash. (i've seen some channel's videos get annihilated with dislikes and hate comments because of that)

This may just be a symptom of my general anxiety and paranoia, thinking about the worst case scenarios... but sometimes I don't think people think that far ahead (because it's usually too far fetched) but in reality there is that potential to open yourself up to a lot of negativity that could easily be avoided by simply thinking, and deleting a comment before you end up sending it.

Do you all go through that thinking? Have you even considered that? Or would you welcome the negetivity because any engagement is good engagement?


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It's generally a good idea to take a breath and think a bit before starting to write especially if some emotional engagement is present - a hasty written email l, text or comment in rage is usually only ending up in problems no matter where.

I think on other channels in the end abstain from making a comment is quite ok since there is no big incentive to comment and comments on bigger channels get mostly ignored as well.

Another thing is on your own channel - I usually try to be empathic and assume the best from people commenting on my channel (unless it's real trolling which I hadn't so far or too obvious spamming) sometimes that converts a possible fight into a nice conversation or a potential troll into a subscriber.

Also I personally do absolutely like critical responses - you sometimes see on big youtubers that they life in a bubble of absolutely devoted subscriber praises and loose all connection to reality due to that.


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I don't often have that problem... wait, no, I do, but I'd rather not admit it ;]

When people leave hateful comments on my video, I kinda respond in a self-deprecating way. If they say something like, "You suck" then I say, "Yeah... I know :c" I usually don't get a reply back >.>

If I get into an argument with somebody whether it's on Youtube or on social medias, I try to keep it clean as possible because I don't want to start calling them names. Unless it's from someone who's not going to change their mind or see my point, I'll just leave them in the dark.

I honestly saw the title of this thread and I immediately thought of somebody who's on my discord xD He roasted me for 3 hours because of a first chapter of a story I wrote. Me and this other guy tried to tell him that he should think before he writes it out, though he defends it with "I'm just being honest." He got more defensive the more we told him to be fair. But I'm digressing.
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