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EV Nick

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Greenscreen for me is a long way off currently, more its going to be 2 cameras and maybe 3 audio sources. currently if am dealing with multi video clips and B roll am slowed down as the timeline on shotcut isn't the quickest or best to use, ill be waiting till i have more equipment which should be done as a sponsorship i signing is going to buy me a zoom HX


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Adobe Premiere pro is expensive, and it has a steep learning curve. However, i find it was personally worth the year of training for me. My videos have improved in quality, content and overall layout.

If you want something cheap, i recommend Camstasia. Great software and only $40 CAN. Has amazing transitions, and has no learning curve whatsoever.


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I currently use Shotcut a free opensource editor and its fine and it does the job and has some really clever editing gimics HOWEVER i reckon i'd get better production value and output from a paid editor.

Now I've seen Adobe is now PAID PER MONTH, also thought about apples software will it run on a PC?

I'd also be interested in people who've seen my videos should i should keep going as i am?

Only reason am not thinking of a paid editor is the income from youtube is now steady enough to pay for editing software. What major benefits would i get.
Hitfilm has exactly what you need. Their software is about 399 and is a one time purchase. It has industry tools and is very professional. It also supports keyframing and is basically like a cheaper version of premiere pro plus a bit of after effects combined together. The only thing is though , the learning curve is quite difficult.
What i like about hitfilm however is that you can add a 3d environment which make it easy to add effects. For example, you can add yourself in an iron man suit, or put a fire effect on you. It's pretty cool so i reccomend checking it out.
It works on windows, and mac!
However, they do have an express version which has less of the pro features, but is free.
They also have a forum to help you if you're stuck on keyframing.
However, i would say that the purchase is quite expensive, but worth it. I reccomend cracking it and trying older versions so you get the hang of it.


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Went with Prem pro, got a discount from adobe support after trial ended very happy with it!
I love their services! They have some of the best on the market IMO. I just miss the old way to pay, but also I understand they can push new better updates faster this way! :D