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Fo$t Da Gama

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We legit simple as that
Logo: Its that cloud on my pic thats how you know whose a member(it's a must as far as Icon goes, channel art and other stuff doesn't matter)

What we got:
  • Content: Yours truly a Gamer and others, 87 vids 13 streams in a month and a half
  • Collabs: We got a podcast we take on topics about Video Games, Anime, Manga mainly then just talk about whatever else until somebody needs to go
  • Size: We only want 7-10 people total(4-3 slots left)
  • No Drama:
    • We don't do shady period
    • As for the ladies don't worry we the right type(at least me lol) Yeah no of that uncomferable ^$%^$ we all here to make vids and to push each others as a group
  • GFX and other artwork designers
  • Possible collaborators
  • Chill Folk
  • Don't need to be a gamer but need some type of work
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