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Question English Subtitles? To like or not to like

Otto Oome

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Hello I am a Dutch Youtuber from Belgium.
I have over 30 video's with English subtitles.
My question: if you find a Dutch video with English subtitles
Do you watch it?
Or do you click away?

Enjoy creating Youtube video's


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Generally a video with professional subtitles will get a bit more love from the algorithms - best check how many people use the subtitles and decide from that if it's worth the effort - of course dutch is quite accessible both for English and German speakers - if you do the effort you could also dub the video with English and upload that to see if it does perform better.
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From my experience, many user thank me for the English subtitles even if video language is Italian: I know it's an hard work but it make me more precise to get to the point and reduce the speech.
How do you create subtitles? I usually upload the video, wait half an hour and download the auto generated italian subtitles, edit the file by changing italian with english and then upload the new file for the english subtitles
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