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Hi All I'm David TSV (The Salford Vaper)
I'm not sure where my channel sits so I put it in Lifestyle.

I'm from Salford, Greater Manchester, UK
My channel is about reviewing electronic cigarettes / Vapour Products and harm reduction. I know this is a love/hate subject with lots of misinformation so as an ex-educator I try to help and educate those who wish to move away from the harm of combustible tobacco to a less harmful alternative. I try to upload around 3 reviews a week.
My channel is dedicated to my cousin whom we lost to smoking related cancer in March 2017.

I found TubeBuddy by watching Nick Nimmin and Darral Eves some time back, I use all the features I can and try to get the best out of it. I found the forum from messages on TubeBuddy and hopefully you guys can help this old man out with advice when needed.