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How-To Channel I'm Nick Nimmin...and I'm addicted to TubeBuddy.


Life Is A Game
Hold on, you just joined this forum this month? Wow, I would have figured you'd been here longer than that considering how awesome your channel is. How is it possible I never found your channel until now? I didn't even see it until today. So many people on here to check out that I apparently failed to check yours out when I commented on your intro post. You got exactly the type of videos I need right this moment. LOL, it feels like a netflix TV show that I am binging on.

I am curious about something. I haven't look at all the videos you got and was wondering, do you have one that talks about having a channel with multiple types of videos? As in my case I started with gaming videos but am now adding vlogs and I have ideas to make how to videos but am scared to put too many things on a single channel. If you have a video talking about this I would greatly appreciate a link. Thanks.
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Your name/alias
Nick Nimmin

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in the US but moved to Thailand about 12 years ago. Nothing against the US, just a different lifestyle that attracted me to here.

How did you find TubeBuddy?
I honestly can't remember.

What is your favorite TubeBuddy tool?
A/B Testing and the keyword tool.

What made you join our forums?
Was a member of the old version and got the notification of the upgrade and said to myself, "looks nice, let's log in and take a closer look at this!"

Why did you start YouTube?
Originally to collect emails and at the time I didn't expect or realize the gravity of it all and the real impact you can have on others. It's still hard to grasp at times.

What kind of channel do you run?
I teach people how to grow their channels, make videos and all types of other YouTube related stuff.

How frequently do you upload?
2 videos and 1 live stream per week with an occasional additional upload.

What are your hobbies?
Sounds crazy but my hobbies are also my work. I love all of the different aspects of what I do.

What is your biggest dream?
To look back on my life as an old(er) man and know that I made a positive contribution.

Channel Link:

Social Media Links:
https://twitter.com/nicknimmin || https://instagram.com/nicknimmin || https://twitch.com/nicknimmin || https://linkedin.com/nicknimmin
Great and very helpful content Nick!! keep up the good work!!