Solved TubeBuddy reads all of our websites data?

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Hi there.
With the latest update i saw that TubeBuddy in Chrome extensions has permissions to "read and change all your data on websites you visit". What exactly is this? I disabled it and i cannot use it on YouTube and then i had to re-enable it.

Can you please inform us what "data" do you collect and change?



We only read data from YouTube and Google Trends (for Keyword explorer).

Here's the truth - when we started building TubeBuddy 4+ years ago, we didn't know what websites we would need to access so it was easiest to just check the box "all" instead of requiring all of our users to accept new websites as they were added. We're many years in now and still only pulling from YouTube and Google Trends. So I think it makes sense for us to limit it and make people feel better. We know that we aren't pulling from other sites but our users might not know. Also - Google will soon require all companies to list sites (I believe) instead of the "All Sites" option so we'll probably be forced to change it anyway.

So basically to answer the question, it has said "all sites" since the day we launched TubeBuddy, we only access YouTube and Google Trends and will soon update TB to only list those sites :) - I would guess in January.
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