Educational Channel Hello, everyone. DBEC's here. Newbie of course.

Hello everyone
My name's Matt
I'm from Indonesia
DBEC or Doa Bangsa Education is my youtube channel
Well actually I found TubeBuddy from the internet when I was trying to find some tools to help me improving my youtube channel's optimization, but I found it suits me a lot because it's really helpful and easy to understand even to a newbie like me.

And what drove me here was because I like to meet new people, but also to learn how to optimize my youtube channel. I started making videos on youtube because I always like sharing something I know, that will be useful for many people (viewers).

I run educational channel, even I knew that I'm not that good English teacher but I love it all the way and always trying to do and give my best.

I uploaded 2 videos in a week frequently. I like singing, writing, also speaiking in front of my camera of course. ;)

My biggest dream is to be rich. Not only rich, but very rich. because in my opinion rich is no about how much you have, but rich is about how much you can give.

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