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Now this is going to depend on you and your content. However i looked at my analytics and my general retention time of viewers what around 4:30.
So this week i made a short video and got it down to 5:23 rather than 8mins
I spent more time in the edit getting it just right and well look;


at 5:18 into the view i still have 51% of my audience see what your average time is and try make a video of around that length. PS this video is doing amazing on figure


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Over all retention is up as people chunk TV and start watch YouTube. It used to be two minute videos were the thing because people were just watching these little viral type videos. Since YouTubers have bought better cameras and equipment, many people can now offer a true show that rivals anything on TV.

Every time I go to mom's house, I end up flipping through the channels because there is nothing to watch. I've seen watch times increase from less that 1:30 to right at about 6 minutes for my channel since I started making my fishing videos like true documentary films.

So it depends on what you're doing. I certainly won't stop the video at six minutes just because people stop watching at six minutes of a nine minute video. That would ruin the story. For simple How-to videos there isn't much need to go more than two or three minutes. But there is no way I can cram a 12 day of fishing into just six minutes.

in other words it depends on the genre, purpose and overall type of content to determine the length.


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I try and keep mine around the 10 minute or less maerk but as Damon says, I don't stop because of time if it isn't actually complete. My retention seems to be around the 3-5 minute mark, depending on the subject or project I'm working on.
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