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Video Review My first attempt at a no commentary gameplay video - Two Point Hospital (Theme Hospital)


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Hi all

This i my first attempt at a no commentary gameplay walkthrough of Two Point Hospital (like Theme Hospital).

I have sped the play through up so the clip isn't too long but I am wondering whether I should slow parts of it down so the viewer can see what I am doing or maybe speed the whole video up more to shorten it.

I am also wondering how to keep retention up as I obviously don't interact with the viewer but I could add captions to point out important points.

This is also one of my first videos that I appear in the intro instead of just a voice over. I think it is much better than my previous intros as the viewer can 'put a face to the voice' as it were and is therefore more engaging.

I look forward to your criticisms as I am always looking to improve my content. No need to be nice just the cold harsh truth please

Link to Video:

View: https://youtu.be/UxM0klC6UgM

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To be honest, I'm not sure if this is the kind of game that would benefit from no commentary. First of all, creator insider has mentioned that that no commentary videos are actually kind of frowned upon by YouTube. You do have an intro which is good at putting things into persective, so I don't know if that would alter things, and your intro style has shown that you're actually interested in providing value outside of just "hey, watch me play a game randomly and give me watch time"

but overall this is the kind of game where you really need some kind of commentary. I've watched JackSepticEye play this game and his commentary was hilarious, it added a story and narrative, while watching it without any commentary kind of got me bored after a minute or so. No commentary is fine for say, racing games, or shooter games etc where there's lots of action already, but for a game like this, it's just kind of boring watching hospital management. I'd rather play it myself than watch it.

The intro was good though and you're well spoken. I would clear up your speech just a tad because with the heavier english accent, the two point hospital was kind of hard to hear.

But yeah, overall I'd really love to hear your thoughts and reactions to what's going on in the game, rather than just watch some gameplay by iself :)
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For me personally no commentary does not really cut it - I maybe just dont understand the underlying idea (well I kind can find out if I like the game music via watching your video, is that the game music or did you put it there? I was looking for a good sale on the game but the music might makes in unbearable for me.).

For any kind of tutorial some kind of explanation just gives it so much more information and worth - also dont forget most people are watching on the cell nowadays where it's even more difficult to see what you are doing - also if I really want to learn anything I have to press way to much attention to the picture while with commentary I can listen to it and watch / rewind the more important parts. (I think i listen to much more videos than I actually watch)

The intro was a good idea and gets attention and interest up but afterwards it drops - maybe some other music could help but I really would try the same video with a voice over and some explanation and talking just for the contrast and I guess the 2nd video would be much better and enjoyable while not being so much more effort.