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Hey so I'm just new on youtube and I just want to gain more subscriber! Anyone who want to help me with it?


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Are you sure it's just about the subscribers? Why not consider the overall growth, quality, and health of your YouTube channel? To me, those three characteristics matter more to a YouTube channel when accounting for success, monetization, and positive reputation.

While subscribers are technically your "loyal audience," they can be bought, and that is technically "fake boosting." Besides, everyone wants more subscribers; it's a great thing, and people believe it's a sign your channel is doing well.

It's not 100% true.

I'm telling you this because what indicates success for a YouTube channel is consistent uploads and watch time; those two matter the most when considering YouTube success. More importantly, what also matters is how you as an individual have learned and grown throughout this journey of being a content creator, and I would reconsider what matters most to you most if you're looking for success on your channel,

Otherwise, I will answer your question.

As I said, subscribers are like your loyal audience members. If you provide content that intrigues them, or separates you from a crowd, they're more likely to subscribe to you over another channel who likely does the same thing as you.

For example, if I started a lifestyle channel, there are a few questions I would ask myself:

How is my channel different from others?
What makes me unique, or what's my strongest niche?
What do I do that is genuinely new or refreshing that others may want to stay and watch more of my content?
How would I distinguish myself among a crowd of others doing the same thing I'm doing?

These are a few of many questions that can not only help you decide what you want your channel to become, but also how you're going to get there. It's very important to become not only a unique YouTuber, but a consistent one because think of YouTube as a TV show. If you air once and never air again, how can you maintain a loyal audience?

You can't, because people will eventually stop watching your show and move on to other ones. People desire uniqueness, that gets your foot in the door, but they crave consistency, for no one likes good things to end.

That's all the advice I can provide; I can't go into specifics because at the end of the day, it's ultimately your channel. If you want it to grow, you need to consider the questions I said above, and what truly matters to you. Subscribers, or growth throughout your YouTube career? That question is what separates from a failing channel from a successful one.

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oh no thats the wrong way to start youtube. If your in to purely to gain subscribers then give up!
Youtube is about passion for your video subject.
I never actively seeked subs I just got lucky
I made content people liked and watch and they sub to me.

If you do enjoy making content and its a passion then great just carry on making videos throw in the odd "please subscribe" at the start or end of a video and let them know what benefit they get from being a sub is it weekly videos, is it helpful hints?

devjani biswas

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@diosa Is this your only goal, to gain the subscriber for your youtube channel. Then my dear, there is a fair chance that you may fail.
I might be little blunt in saying, but it's a hard truth.
Genuinely if you want to gain subscribers, just concentrate on your work and keep posting. It takes some time to build up and slowly people will come to know about your channel. Just work hard and keep patience.

All the best...