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What is your dream setup?


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I know the best Camera, is the one you have on you. It's also fun to talk about dream cameras, and setups. What is your dream camera? For me it's probably an Arri Lexa. What's yours? :D


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I work at my kitchen table usually. My dream setup would be a comfortable gaming chair, along with a Corsair One i160. I need better things to edit, because my computer breaks down on me, as it is a 2013 model. It doesn't run premiere that well.


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Dream setup? Give me: 2 GTX 2080 TIs/ AMD radeon 7, intel core 19, only 10+ mechanical keyboards and custom keycaps and artisan keys on each keyboard, and only 5 monitors.
Also, insert all the sticks of ram you can get and a collection of retro games , The Orange Box and some indie Steam games.
The most comfortable chair i would get would be probably a 1000+ dollar chair, a gaming chair or one of the chairs that Quake Pros use.
Add some rgb strips in the color of white.
The mouse that i would have is Finalmouse Ninja 53/
I'd be really happy with that, but obviously i can't afford it!


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I'm already using my dream computer but if we are talking camera equipment I'd one day love to own a RED Heilum Cinema Camera or a 100 megapixel Hasselblad


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My Dream Set-Up is already a reality for Me, As I have (2) GoPro Hero7 Blacks One which I have at 1080p 60fps and the other 4K 60fps. My Other Camera is Sony HX80 which I use strictly as a 1080p 60fps and Will be getting a Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80 Which I will use as A Secondary 4K Camera even though it shoot's it 30fps and not 60fps. But that's Me.


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For me the biggest problem is always having all the files at the right place at the right time so some magic contraption that would put my files while capturing right into the cloud and enable editing from no matter which site and device easy would be really nice. ;)

Even if something alike does already exist I wouldn't belive if somebody claimed that it also works through the limitations of Germanys (mobile) internet.


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Lately, I was toying around with some Sony PMW-F5, PDW-700, PXW-FS5 and PXW-FS7. And I have to say an FS7 as run and gun setup could be pretty handy.
My "realistic" dream right now is a Sony "a7s3" or "FS7".
For my DREAM camera... that would be a "Arri Alexa". (Just imagine vlogging on that -> so stupid :D )

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oooooh I could do some cool stuff with GoPros :D! That is going on the wishlist now LOL.
I did a fair bit of research, the next one I want to get is the GoPro Hero 5 somethingorather... it's the most recent cube one :p
There's a bunch of 360 cameras that look amazing as well. When I have the internet and the funds, I may have to do more on an experimental channel and get one of those :)


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My dream set up would be having my own car garage all kitted out with car detailing and wrapping equipment. And for camera wise, I have no idea on which one as I’m only using my phone to record my videos and edit them. Hopefully in the future I’ll be ble to get my own camera but for the time being my phone does the job just now :)


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Dream setup...my previous dream was buying Blue Yeti and Logitech Brio camera :) Then I dreamed about SM7B microphone and now I am happy with it :)


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For me, it's Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH5 now. I want to buy it next month, and I hope that no unexpected expenses will appear and I will be able to do this. My goal is to make my setup more comfortable to motivate and give a feeling that I have developed and can achieve even more. The next step after the camera will be a good gaming chair. After spending hours editing the videos, my neck hurts so much that I want to buy a good one to support my neck and spine. I've already chosen the https://eurekaergonomic.com/gaming-chairs/ site to order a chair, so I'll need only to choose a particular model. If someone here knows some variants feel free to reply to this comment.
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