Seeking Advice Seeking growth advice right from the start.

Hi Fellow Buddies,
I thought I'd post this thread since my new channel is only a week old and if I could get some help and advice from members who have seen their channel grow from zero that would be awesome.
Currently the Classic Whovian has 4 subs and 72 views which I'm really pleased about. I upload three times per week.
I'm a huge fan of Tube Buddy's tag explorer, which has helped me find some excellent long tail keywords.
My channel provides facts and trivia about the classic era of tv show Dr Who. From my research,. most of the DW channels concentrate on the current version. The ones that do tend to focus on the Classic era tend to only show clips.
What are a few ways I can differentiate my channel?
What should I be doing to increase my views?
Has anyone discovered a"magic" number of views per vid that seem to trigger a channel growth?
Whyat are some of the stragies you personally discovered that helped your channel?
Any and all advice is really and truly appreciated and welcomed.


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Three days a week is a good number of videos. Well, you've already differentiated yourself by concentrating on the classic Dr. Who verses the modern rendition. One way to differentiate yourself is in deciding what quality of production you want. Low production quality allows for more frequent uploads. Higher production quality makes for longer view times.

"Magic" number of view per video? I couldn't say. I'm not good all the data stuff.

What has helped on my channel is talking with people on forums. Sometimes that's where I get ideas for videos. Forums are like a realtime search engine, allows you to take the pulse of most any marketplace.
Thanks for that advice Damon,
I've already created a FB page relating to the show and I'm going to check out some of the forums with a search.
I'd have to describe my quality as "average" I use a logitech C920 camera but don't have any special lighting atm.
I am mastering special effects with my editor and I'm quite pleased with some of my scene transitions lol