What was your first successful video that really took off?


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My first successful one was actually a pet project and almost didn't see release. Since the pursuing YouTube on my own terms I was inspired by the works of Doug Walker and James Rolfe. Doing an interview with these guys was more so for me then an audience. When it came to the time of the release of their episode I was plagued with very low to no count episodes. I was really hesitant about putting it out because I felt "no one else would care". I had videos with Stan Lee, Kevin Smith and other high profile people that were thought to be sure things and turned out to be flops (in terms of views). Ultimately it boiled down to something I wanted to see vs what I thought the "fans" would want. It didn't matter what the views were. I threw it out there and it became my most successful video to date.

Mine was after I've made improvements to my video; has over 110,000 views. Was featured on a few major sites if I'm not mistaken. For those who have only played CSGO, CSS and 1.6, this version is a legal (licensed) spinoff that has been around for over 3 years.
Mine was also an Ark video!

I luckily streamed the new Scorched Earch DCL content right at release. I think the Pooping Evolved crowd were mostly at PAX, lol.

Usually I get about 30 view per vid, but this got over 3000, picked up a few subcribers, but viewing levels have levelled back off at around 50 now. :-/



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My channel's best video so far is my metal gear solid v theory video on why Keifer Sutherland replaced David Hayter. It isn't much compared to some other posts, but when one of my videos hits 300 views, I am a happy content creator. :)

Rafa Farihah

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I think this was my most and first successful video.
I never thought this particular video would take off so fast because it was my very first video after all, but girls definitely do love their makeup.


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I started creating videos in Nov. of 2012 and started making it in Spanish and English. On July 2013, I did a Spanish video that has now 26,042 views
This has to do with growing strawberries from seed but without the trouble of taking out the seeds. this video was watched mainly in Mexico.
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My most successful video, at least in terms of views, was this video about Sebastian Maniscalco's "Doorbell" bit. It was a stupid idea I got in my head and I just HAD to do it! It seems to get about 10-20 (min) views a day, though interaction on it is very low. Very few likes/dislikes, and I don't think I've gained any subscribers from it :p
No matter, I am proud of it because I worked hard to make and it makes me smile (and cringe a bit, lol)


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The first video of mine to take off and gain some traction on the channel was a tutorial on how to use the program DxTory to record gameplay on your PC.

Now that I have grown a little over time, I have recently started a new series on the channel that has completely blown up. I have gone from 1,200 subscribers and am now expected to hit 2k before christmas!



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For some odd reason, this video that i made last year got 1000 views within a week.. My mind was blowned, too bad it didnt get me any new sub and that is my only video that got that kind of views... Most of my video now only get like 10 views, 20+ if i'm really lucky.

hahah mine was just this but it was way before i started actually focusing on making good videos. all i cared about was the content in a niche environment. i had no time to work on stuff. BUt i make videos making sure poeple dont get hurt on the crazy trends in fitness....

so content is great but making it look good is even better hahah