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On average how long does it take you to produce your videos?

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Scott Fichter

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I'm interested in how much time you spend on time used to edit your videos for post.
Usually, I'm at 1 hour for every minute. This go a bit faster on videos over 10 minutes long.

I add the following elements to my videos.
  1. Transparent png added
  2. sound effects added
  3. Outtro music
  4. Outtro videos
  5. Attribution title scroll
  6. Many screen movements for both my face and the computer screen
  7. Don't get me started with descriptions and title tags. It's endless.


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For me, I can get a 10 minute video done in about 5 hours. Once I have all the video tracks synced it is just a matter of switching camera views. I don't go ott on the transitions or intros. The endscreen video is prerendered so just gets stuck on the end. I actually take around 30 mins to an hour getting the thumbnail done. The hard bit is taking the pictures. Actually working in photoshop is a 10 minute job.

Tito Tim

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Never really paid attention to time... I am retired ha ha.

For a talking head video it is pretty fast. I record it either sitting at a table, or out in the yard. I don't script it but plan what to say fairly well. So the editing is very fast - especially since there is no real movement. My viewers respond well to those well, but I find them boring to make or watch. A 10 minute vid probably takes an hour or two?

For a tour or vacation video it can take days. Depends on how much footage I have to sort through. My last vacation was one week at a beach. I had tons of footage. I started sorting it out, cutting it, moving things around... I ended up making 5 videos simultaneously. Probably 15-20 hours total, but over an hour of finished videos. When I am filming I am already editing in my mind, so it helps when I actually start to edit. I pretty much gave up on narrating while filming and if I am not in the shot will just do a voice over. I will shoot some scenes a couple times (to make sure I get the shot) but piecing them together goes fairly easily... hopefully... sometimes... :p

The most painful part for me is uploading. It can easily take 4 hours for a 10 minute video, using my wifi at the house. I have moved the vid to my phone and uploaded it faster. Philippine internet pretty much sucks.


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Yeah, it depends on the level of production. If I'm color correcting and grading, it will take hours and hours. If I'm using baked- in-camera colors and totally nail the exposure in camera for short turn around.

I have basically two level of production: high and low.

My fishing adventure videos are more like documentaries, and they are far more involved. It takes days because I have a complete story mapped out, b-roll, music, precise editing, shots, scenes, sequences and acts even. Rough cut, fine cut, extra fine cut, primary color correction, grading--I don't do secondary color correction. Sometimes I have to shoot for multiple days to get enough footage as these videos average around nine minutes.

My how to videos are easy and simple, no music, no color correcting or grading, baked-in colors. This is meant to be a quick turn-around video. I can bang out five of these per week.

Right now I'm averaging about one fishing adventure documentary-style video per week, and two quick turn-around videos per week. I'm still experimenting though. I may start using a different picture profile to make the adventure documentaries faster, doing more stuff in camera, that way I can spend my time to what I do best: storycrafting, not moving sliders and curves grading footage all week.

Tito Tim

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I just made a vid today. Just a "day in the life" - nothing in particular.

7 scenes in vid: intro at a restaurant table, mall plant sale, mall food court, 3 different infrastructure improvement shots around the barangay (village), outro in my front yard.

It took 1 hour 15 minutes to edit. 10:47 minute total video length -11:46 total time of unedited clips - so very little to edit. I cut 2 flubbed lines, and trimmed each end of the clips. No real editing for a day to day vlog. I shot it that way on purpose (I try to leave about 10 seconds on each end of the clip to give me room to edit). Like I said my travel vids take much longer to edit. This was just a spur of the moment, I am out in the city, why not make a vlog kind of a vlog.

PowerDirector made a 1.13 Gb mp4 (I have tried avi and they are larger). I then use AVS to convert it a YouTube HD vid (they have a pull down menu, I do not know the settings). It takes the 1.13 Gb mp4 and turns it into a 365 Mb avi - with no noticeable loss in video or audio quality. Must be magic.

Upload time for 325 Mb? ... over 2 hours?! Welcome to the Philippines. 2nd worst net speeds in Asia - only Afghanistan is slower... even Cambodia & Myanmar beat us ha ha (only 2 hours 15 min, not bad)


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Depends the video but usually for the VLOGS 3-5 hours for TB 5-8 :D Quality content can take work that no one sees haha!


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For something speedy like a reaction video, it'd take me about 3 hours at best. For my vlogs, it'll take around 3 - 6 hours. For my reviews, 6 - 8 hours xD


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i am very limited in my knowledge of editing. I normally it goes like this.... (intro) (game) (out) it take about 10 minute if I dont need to cut anything.

I also would like to know what do you use to edit and record with. I'm having some issues with my editing software that I might need a change.