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Official How to Request Media on TubeBuddy Forums!

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Hello TubeBuddy Community!

This Template will help you better request GFX/VFX/ Illustrations on our forum! With it you can find a great artist, and they can have a better idea of what kind of Media you would like created!

Request Template:

Request Summary (Please write a summary detailing what you would like done, how you want it done, and feel free to include any details such as your social media, and brand color codes etc.):
Request Type (GFX/VFX/Illustration):
Project Budget(If Applicable):
Payment Method (If Applicable):
Project Timeframe (Most artists prefer 1-2 weeks to complete a request):
Please include an inspirational reference(s) for your artist to understand your goal:
Additional Information:


We here at TubeBuddy, just need to warn Users to be careful when it comes to either buying or selling graphics. If you are selling a design you may want to request for a down-payment, or give part of the design away with a watermark over it before handing over the full design. If purchasing GFX it is a good idea to make sure that whoever is selling it is a well known and verified user. Also you can ask them if others have bought from them and if you can speak with them, or ask to see their portfolio.
Just like having your own business you have to be responsible for your own transactions, if you do run into any problems feel free to let us know.

Scamming of any nature will not be tolerated, and will result in an instant ban.

Special Thanks to @Aaron for helping write this up!
Not open for further replies.