Video Review Trying something new. Would love feedback

Wario Lowpez

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Hey guys!

I have started a new series for my channel and would love to get some feedback.


Here is what I'm trying to do:
* Be as engaging as possible* I really tried my best to make this video as engaging as possible. I didn't want to have a dull moment and tried to have a joke every 1-30 seconds.
* I look pathetic* I know that sounds strange, but I am playing a character. I want him to be as pathetic as possible (in a funny way)
* Be over the top* I tried to use as many crazy edits that I could. I want the viewer to say "WTF did I just watch" (in a good way)

What can I do better for any of those points? Did I succeed at what I was going for? Is it too much and should pull back on some of it? Also which Part did you guys find most engaging and which parts dragged on to long? Look forward to the feedback.

My review today:


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Ok.... WTF did I just watch?

Now I'll be honest and say 1) its not something I would normally watch and 2) football is something that doesn't appeal to me. Please don't take either of those points as a negative. I am looking at it as a video.

It wasn't boring. A lot of activity and stuff that would appeal to the teenage boy football gamer market (I assume that is what you are aiming at). Maybe some of the effects were repeated too often but if it is meant to look 'low grade' (not quality but 'pathetic' like your character) then I suppose it fits in.

The only thing I found hard was to actually understand what you were saying. It was either the accent or the audio level, I can't quite figure out which.

I didn't understand the title. By pack opening I was expecting something along the lines of a paninni sticker pack, not a video game. Maybe change it to something like Crazy Mad Fifa 18 team select just to make it clear to us old farts who don't game often.


I didn't click away because I wanted to see what happened.

I thought the dew swig at the offside goal was a bit premature, maybe you could have got more 'confrontational' like a player would get in the face of a ref in a live game at that point. The rocket ships were the sort of teenage youth humour that fits in with the character. I think you did a pretty good job with the acting.

It was entertaining in a WTF way. I couldn't understand it but it made me watch it twice before I could even write this! It worked for me in a weird way because I still can't decide if it was really bad, really good, totally clever or just over my head. I think your target audience would like this (bearing in mind what I said about them earlier).

The video quality was good and the picture in picture was a nice touch (something I have been trying lately). The voice... still can't figure out the issue, maybe 50/50 accent vs levels.

The social media shouts at the end were a nice touch but no end screen? I don't know if that is normal in the genre you are aiming at.

On the whole, I think it scores!

Hopefully you wont think I'm harsh or negative but constructive.
All the best

Scott Fichter

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  1. I think the character is effective.
  2. I think the FX is funny and they work. The editing reminds me of this.
  3. I watched it for a while not really understanding what it's all about. I'm not into gaming packs
  4. I think if you stick with that character you will eventually break out.
I'm betting video production was insanely time-consuming. This could be an issue. You might get burned out. I hope you don't