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So recently I tried an idea that I had. While I was working on my last video I was having a hard time choosing the right picture for my Thumbnail and Title card for the video. Since I have an Instagram account I figured I try this idea out on there. What I did was write up a post asking my followers as well as visitors to review a specific number of images that they liked the best to be used as a thumbnail and to leave their vote down below in that images comments section with a Thumbs Up emoji.

I did this for ten images and gave a deadline with a specific date and time cut off. Now here was the incentive to get them to participate I told them that I would randomly select a winner from the image that received the most thumbs ups and in that video I would shout out their Instagram handle in that video.

My thinking is:
1. Great way of doing market research on the best thumbnail to use.
2. It should increase engagement on your Instagram account.
3. Everyone whom voted will visit your channel just to see if they won and got shouted out and maybe in turn you just gain a few new subscribers and with a little luck the winner will also be sharing that video among their family and friends.

I hope this made sense to you all. If you have suggestions on how I could improve on this or have questions please let me know.