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Forum Game: Yes, No or Maybe?

Beanie Draws

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I don't know if I WANT to know what the future might hold. The future could be more terrifying than what it is currently. I think I'd rather go back in time (possibly to re-visit my mother) OR I'd go far back in time to experience differant historical events that have very little history recorded, like the time of the Dinosaurs.

If someone offered you 1 million dollars to purchase your brand, but the catch was that you could NEVER have another channel, nor could you ever watch another YouTube video ever again, would you take the offer?


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Yes, but only if it's Elon Musks rockets.

Would you give up five years of your life for comfort until you die?
Hell yea! This may sound morbid, but I don't want to live to the point where I'm stuck in a home and can't take care of myself. With my luck, I'd probably outlive everyone I know.

Do you think white lies are harmless if they are told in an effort to protect a person's feelings?