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Just found an interesting app/plugin for your Facebook page dedicated to your YouTube Channel. It adds a YouTube navigation button on your FB page. A visitor can click on the link but instead of taking you off the FB Platform it embeds your YouTube videos on that page.

Currently, I'm using the free option but it offers a premium service with more features that cost is based somehow off of how many likes your FB page has. As an example, my FB page has only 51 page likes so if I wanted to subscribe to the premium service it would cost me $2.00 a month cancel anytime.

Im not getting paid for writing this. Just found out about this app/plugin and thought that I would share this info with everyone if you to wanted to give it a try.

The app/plugin is called ΓÇ£YouTube TabΓÇ¥ Link for it is:
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Cool. Ill have to check this app for sure:cool: Thanks for posting this. My Facebook business page has 1200 likes. I wonder how much the app would be?
Take care, -Paul