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Curse which is also known as "Union For Gamers", best to think of "Union For Gamers" as Curse's (the company's) YouTube division... however people also refer to it as simply "Curse". I have ran a Gaming Community Channel since 2010 and I joined Curse in 2013, left for about a month in 2015 and am still with them and don't intend to leave any time soon. Why?
  1. No Lock-In open contract, you can stay for however long you want and leave whenever you want... plus you can share any detail about your contract to anybody else... they even host a sample contract publicly here
  2. No payment threshold meaning no $100 or $50 threshold some networks place on you in order for you to earn in order to get paid
  3. 90% revenue share for everybody
  4. Free access to Audio Micro and Epidemic Sound music libraries if you seek that kind of thing
  5. Incredible support, any time I've wanted any kind of support, even ones that involve going to their partner manager for, they will happily do so. It is how I and many other Curse Partners got verified 2 years ago way before anybody else as they were incredibly transparent about the whole thing. It is also how I got a Vanity URL: ...and nope, that isn't my custom url, go ahead and try /c/TDOG or /user/TDOG... you won't get far, it is simply a different URL that goes to your channel, one that you likely couldn't claim if you signed up years ago or as your custom url but you see it is available... they happily passed it along to YouTube, I got mine a month after I requested it. There aren't many other networks who will contact their partner manager for you and I don't think i'm particularly big either.
There is one other feature they have that I passed over, for this I want a collective "boooo!", ready? ...Free access to Epoxy... BOOO!! lol, I mean managing and replying to comments on a separate website isn't really my thing which is why I used it once and thought "eh...i'm good, I could live without this", nowhere near as good as TubeBuddy which is why I think Curse should consider dropping them and going with TubeBuddy instead, maybe if enough partners asked them they would... or maybe that's wishful thinking, either way gg :p

Anyway, if you're someone who mostly does gaming, as in gameplays, talking about games, gaming podcast etc (you can of course do other things but as long as your channel is clearly focused towards gaming) and seeks more of a "hands off" experience with an MCN, a very decent percentage, access to two music libraries and top notch support when you need it then I would highly recommend joining Curse.

However they do have a view requirement:
  • If your channel has over 1,000 subscribers --> You must have gained at least 4,000 views in the last 30 days
  • If your channel has under 1,000 subscribers --> You must have gained at least 8,000 views in the last 30 days
Here is a link to join if you are interested, if it turns out it's something you don't like you can easily send them a support ticket and they'll happily unlink you. This is a referral link (haven't seen any rules about referral links so I presume they're fine) so I do get a small percentage of your youtube revenue for 6 months from Curse's side... meaning regardless if you joined through my link or not, you'd still get the same amount:

I've been with them for 3 years so if you have any questions about them or their features, let me know, if you're somebody who is already with Curse, what do you think of them?

Full Disclosure: I have never been an employee of Curse nor do I know anybody personally who is.

UPDATE: Since April 2017, YouTube now requires all channels to join the YouTube Partner Program by enabling monetization on their accounts before any MCN or Network is able to invite them (and therefore are unable to join the MCN), in order to join the YouTube Partner Program you must enable monetization, have at least 10,000 total views on your channel and wait until YouTube reviews your channel to see whether you are abiding by the YouTube Community Guidelines and Advertiser Friendly Content Guidelines which usually takes a week. Whether you wish to join Curse or any other MCN... or simply go direct via YouTube with AdSense... this is a mandatory requirement for all.
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