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    Does anyone know of any websites for non-copyright music?

    I use Bensound already but I've been using there music for years and fancy a change!
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    YouTube Question When did you start an email address for your channel?

    Hey, we see some channels have an email address for their channel. Would you say to create one or not?
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    YouTube Question When did you start seeing when your viewers are active?

    We was curious as currently we upload our videos once a week at 5pm, but we wanted to ideally upload when we can see our channel gets the most views?
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    YouTube Question Youtube hours down shall we post scheduled video now?

    Hey, so we've currently got a video scheduled for Wednesday but our hours are down within the last 24hrs. Shall we upload our video today or leave until scheduled day and time? What would you do?
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    YouTube Question How regular would you recommend to upload videos?

    We've wondering lately would you recommend to upload once or twice weekly?
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    YouTube Question Help with reaching monitisation goals

    Hey, so we are a joint travel channel but obviously at the moment it's hard to do much travelling during a pandemic. We've done a few indoor videos based on travelling, such as quizzes and travelling tips but we are running out of ideas? We have a few trips planned next month but we were hoping...
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    Stuck on the same amount of subscribers

    We've got a Instagram and Twitter account for our channel to reach others in the community and we seem to float around the same subscriber count. Is there any suggestions that people can give us?
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    Vlog Channel Travel Channel

    User name: charandperry Title of introduction: Travel Channel Your name/ Alias: Char and Perry Where are you from? UK How did you find TubeBuddy? I found TubeBuddy through Women's of YouTube What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Only recently found out this was a forum on the Facebook...