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    YouTube Question Is there a way to view performance of live streams over time?

    I have done 2 live streams recently, and apparently YouTube doesn't give me information of Live Stream performance as they do on uploaded videos. Is there a way for example to get live stream performance as a regular video in one month period for example?
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    YouTube Question View drops?

    Anybody else experiencing view drops over the last 2-3 month period? Yes, I am uploading a bit different videos and views have dropped ... Anyway, I want to grow my channel with the same public but different approach. I think my technical views channel topic isn't ever going to grow big, so...
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    Answered How does TubeBuddy exactly ranks competition on the keyword explorer option?

    Inside the Keyword explorer section TubeBuddy shows a metric about "Competiton". This competition can be weighted or unweighted. What would be the metrics that TubeBuddy uses to come out with the results of the competition score on the weighted and unweighted results? I asked because much of...
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    YouTube Question How to apply an End Screen to ALL videos at once?

    Is there a way I can apply the same End Screen to all videos at once? How can I do that?
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    YouTube Question How can I make a playlist play automatically at the end of all videos?

    I have created a playlist, and I would like that playlist to play automatically after a viewer finish watching any of my videos. Is there a way I can do that? If so, how?
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    TubeBuddy Need help with some information on using the keyword tool.

    Can anybody explain what does the picture below means? 17.7k views average? Is that average within what time period? average of views on what exactly? 186 lowest video count of top ranked videos? What does that mean? Lowest video count of their very least watched video in their lifetime...