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  1. vinc8nt

    A true Olympic Champion

    Nesthy Petecio: A true Olympic Champion View: https://youtu.be/DAb-yPiB2f4
  2. vinc8nt

    This video of mine is not appearing in my TubeBuddy account. TB support tab is not working.

    View: https://youtu.be/4cdxOHgycNk
  3. vinc8nt

    Answered TubeBuddy App not showing my recent video

    Why my most recent public youtube video is not detected by TubeBuddy?
  4. vinc8nt

    New Channel's Animated Logo

    Not yet. But I will try. Thanks for the idea.
  5. vinc8nt

    For BTS Armies/Fans

    View: https://youtu.be/KoI4IQ1IlOM
  6. vinc8nt

    Pres. DUTERTE Appeared seemingly sick in his annual State of the Nation Address

    View: https://youtu.be/kPDju7AaWjc
  7. vinc8nt

    Diaz set new record at Tokyo Olympics

    She lifted 280 pounds in 55kg women weight lifting category View: https://youtu.be/4cdxOHgycNk
  8. vinc8nt

    Channel Milestone 30 uploads

    Thank you Dr.
  9. vinc8nt

    How-To Channel I am new to TubeBuddy. Love Art & Craft.

    Welcome to the community. Wish you a fruitful stay.
  10. vinc8nt

    New Channel's Animated Logo

    View: https://youtu.be/JaU0ssKNn2s
  11. vinc8nt

    New Channel's Animated Logo

    I had my lesson with fiverr.
  12. vinc8nt

    Watch how enjoyable is the process of painting.

    A brush of paint is oftentimes therapeutic to somebody's eyes or nostalgic for those who have enjoyed painting in the past. Click here to experience the joy of painting - a very short clip.
  13. vinc8nt

    3 Questions You Must Ask Before You Go To College

    Very informative!
  14. vinc8nt

    How-To Channel JvPaints artworks on Canvas

    Thank you SLTHW.