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  1. Dmi3Bals

    Subscriber Milestone 120

  2. Dmi3Bals

    Channel Milestone 125 000 views

    Got it!
  3. Dmi3Bals

    Channel Milestone 100 000 views!

    Hard work pays off. Yesterday i had 40k views on my channel, but today I have more than 100k.
  4. Dmi3Bals

    Need Advice Promotion by other YouTube channels/Influencers

    Hi! I've started to think about how to find youtube channel or influencer that can promote my channel or a separate video. Have you ever tried it? Is there any online resource with list of influencers or how I should find them?
  5. Dmi3Bals

    YouTube Question Display or not to display the number of people subscribed to my channel

    Hello! I found out that there is a possibility to avoid dispalying the number of subscribers on YouTube. Do you have some ideas what is it made for and when/how/why to use it?
  6. Dmi3Bals

    Need Advice Youtube lottery tips/tutorial

    Hi! So, I decided to make a lottery for my subscribers. Can you plase share your experience, tips and tricks or may be a tutorial? Thanks!
  7. Dmi3Bals

    Educational Channel Personal Development tips and tricks

    User name: Dmi3Bals Title: Personal Development tips and tricks Age: 32 Type of collaboration: I'm glad to cooperate with open minded and happy to change YouTubers in relation to personal development. We can cooperate by promoting each other, exanching tips and tricks, interwieving each other...
  8. Dmi3Bals

    YouTube Opinion Premier or not premier?

    Hi there! I need your opinion on the topic - should we use premiers or not? Pros: - Saves time - Scheduling - Shapes solid approach Cons: - Everybody knows your next video and can investigate the topic before - Hard to select the best time - ? What is your opinion and strategy?
  9. Dmi3Bals

    Subscriber Milestone Just hit 60 subscribers

    I lived with 42 for a year, but just I become constant with uploads the results are coming.
  10. Dmi3Bals

    Educational Channel Personal development and how to become better version of yourselves channel

    User name: Dmi3Bals Title of introduction: Personal development and how to become better version of yourselves channel Your name/ Alias: Dmi3Bals Where are you from? Latvia How did you find TubeBuddy? Just saw it on another YouTube video. What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I was...