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  1. Virtual Road Trip

    YouTube Question How many subs do you think you can get by 2023

    I've been losing so many since I had a big boost recently. I think a slight change in format may be why. I just hope to hold and start growing again.
  2. Virtual Road Trip

    Educational Channel Channel with Fascinating Facts

    This is a good idea for a channel. Seems rather easy to produce as well. I knew some of the facts I saw but many were new to me. Very nice!
  3. Virtual Road Trip

    Subscriber Milestone 600 Subscribers

    Didn't really have anywhere else to announce this. My 5 year journey to 1000 continues.
  4. Virtual Road Trip

    YouTube Question Messaging your subscribers

    Do you need to have a certain size channel to send those messages to subscribers? I see channels Im subbed to doing it but I cant figure out how to do it myself.
  5. Virtual Road Trip

    Subscriber Milestone 500 Subscribers

    500 for 5 years. Not bad I guess. Didn't think I'd ever get here even if it did take awhile.
  6. Virtual Road Trip

    YouTube Question Best Time To Post?

    I would think if you are targeting older viewers than upload earlier in the day, perhaps early afternoon, if you are targeting teens and young adults then more toward evening time. Also depends on your time zone. Here on the east coast I usually try to upload around 3pm but then again my videos...
  7. Virtual Road Trip

    Channel Milestone 100,000 Views

    This one kind of sneaked up on me to be honest. Lets see how many I have after another 5 years.
  8. Virtual Road Trip

    Subscriber Milestone 50 subscribers! I'm honestly pretty damn surprised.

    On your way! Looks like you already got 5 more. Good rate.
  9. Virtual Road Trip

    Gaming Any Sim City fans here?

    So I've certainly noticed most of the people here seem to be gamers. I fancy myself a gamer as well even though my channel has nothing to do with gaming. I've played just about every genre but throughout my gaming life I've always loved Sim City the most, particularly SC4. I also like the...
  10. Virtual Road Trip

    YouTube Tips channel trailers

    Keep it short and general to your channel's theme. Its an introduction people get when they click on your channel. If they clicked on your channel it means they must have some interest in you. So put your best pitch there and keep it short and sweet.
  11. Virtual Road Trip

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    I worked very hard on this one. More so than any other video I've done. Its a bit more documentary style than other videos I hope it came out good.
  12. Virtual Road Trip

    Subscriber Milestone 100k Subscribers Milestone Dream

    You are closer than I am to it haha. I guess one can always dream.
  13. Virtual Road Trip

    Subscriber Milestone 20 subscribers

    Hey congratulations you are well on your way!
  14. Virtual Road Trip

    Camera Gear Best way to reduce shaking

    Thanks for the tips everyone I just purchased something based on the recommendations and I'm excited to see how it works. Hopefully this helps my film making over all. Thanks again!
  15. Virtual Road Trip

    Let's count to 10,000 :D