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  1. ProjectGirlBoss

    Tubebuddy Features you should be using

    In this video I talk about three of myfavorite tubebuddy features
  2. ProjectGirlBoss

    My Channel is now Monetized!!

    Last week my channel got MONETIZED so there is a Q&A video up on my channel about it
  3. ProjectGirlBoss

    Unmonetized and making money

    Shortly after publishing this video about making money as an unmonetized channel, I got the email that I am eligible for the YPP! Not monetized yet but waiting on approval. Send good vibes :)
  4. ProjectGirlBoss

    How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2021

    2020 is almost over so I decided to discuss how to get started on YouTube in 2021
  5. ProjectGirlBoss

    Collabed with some of the Best Ladies in YouTube Growth

    These four strategies are essential to grow on YouTube
  6. ProjectGirlBoss

    Small Channels getting TONS of Views

    My latest video is how small channels are getting 500 views, 1k views, 4k+ views when they typically averaged less than 100 views per video.
  7. ProjectGirlBoss

    YouTube Question Anybody notice this appearing in their analytics in the overview tab

    So this new experimental section is now available within the analytics section. Anyone else have it as well?
  8. ProjectGirlBoss

    Do this to gain views and grow

    Latest video
  9. ProjectGirlBoss

    YouTube Question Where did the likely spam comment section go

    In studio both on mobile and desktop the likely spam section is now gone. I asked YouTube and they said that it has always worked in a way that it is only available when YouTube has detected a potential spam comment and places it in that section. Is this a Mandela Effect thing :laughing: because...
  10. ProjectGirlBoss

    Hey I reviewed a channel

    Started a 1k subscriber challenge for smaller channels. Peek some results and also we are reviewing a channel
  11. ProjectGirlBoss

    1000 subscriber Challenge

    Join the challenge to go after 1000 subscribers in 30 days
  12. ProjectGirlBoss

    Here are some reasons why your video may not be ranking

    We've all been there, we have an optimized video but its just not ranking or if it is ranking its not getting views. Maybe you've made one of these mistakes!
  13. ProjectGirlBoss

    Best Places to Find Video Ideas

  14. ProjectGirlBoss

    Tools for YouTubers

    New video about the youtube tools and resources I have been using on repeat. What is your go to tool?
  15. ProjectGirlBoss

    How to Collab with Bigger YouTubers

    Have you guys done collabs on your channel yet? I've done 3 so far. 2 on youtube and 1 on instagram all with creators that were bigger than me which helped my channel grow. Today's video is how to do just that!
  16. ProjectGirlBoss

    Collab video with Annie Dube

    In this video I am talking youtube equipment for beginners. This is also a collab with Annie Dube
  17. ProjectGirlBoss

    Easiest 1000 views! Just tweak two things

    No more struggling to get views. Make sure your video has the best chance right from the start!