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  1. HalfwayDcent

    Need Advice Advice on coming back after a break?

    Hi everyone! I started posting videos about four years ago and then stopped for various reasons. I have recently decided I want to start again and am so much more passionate and confident about the content I'm making/planning to post thanks to the wonderful addition of my husband who not...
  2. HalfwayDcent

    YouTube Question What has been the most successful platform for promoting your content?

    Hi everyone! I'm curious what creators have found to be the most successful platform for promoting their content and bringing in views? Has it been a social media site like twitter, instagram, tiktok, etc.? A forum like this one? I saw someone recently talking about how reddit has caused a...
  3. HalfwayDcent

    YouTube Question What is the biggest personal challenge you've faced creating?

    Hi everyone! My last video talked a little bit about my journey with my creativity and what I've found to be the biggest obstacle when posting youtube videos and sharing my art; my own insecurity. I became extremely critical of myself and it set me back until I found ways to cope and...
  4. HalfwayDcent

    Music Channel Just making music and trying to keep my plants alive

    User name: HalfwayDcent Title of introduction: Just making music and trying to keeping plants alive Your name/ Alias: HalfwayDcent Where are you from? United States How did you find TubeBuddy? I used TubeBuddy a while ago when I used to make videos. I am excited to discover the forum...