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  1. Laurenk

    YouTube Question Is this allowed on YouTube?

    Hi all of you gorgeous talented people, Sorry if this is a silly question. So I'm posting a new vid this week, however I'd like to add a small 1min clip of my favourite movie in. Is that allowed? It just fits in with my video. However, I noticed somebody said if you use music etc that's...
  2. Laurenk

    YouTube Tips Views have stopped

    Hi all, So basically, I didn't really want to touch on this as it's personal however I've had a few rude comments from people asking why I stopped posting after my first two videos. I uploaded two videos in 2020 but due to losing 2 family members then going into lockdown, I ended up in a bit of...
  3. Laurenk

    Question How do I get a subscribe button?

    Hi all, I have gained a subscriber button or so it says in the notifications but I've no idea how to use it or how I add it to my messages. Can anybody help? Thanks guys
  4. Laurenk

    YouTube Help Motivation (EVERYBODY READ THIS)

    Hey guys, I just wanted to put this out there to everybody, DO NOT GIVE UP. Sometimes, we will post and get no views. Sometimes, we may get views one day but none the next. I watched a You Tuber who said that they spent ages trying to get views, almost a year trying their hardest, posting a...
  5. Laurenk

    Vlog Channel <3

    User name: Laurenk Title of introduction: <3 Your name/ Alias: Lauren K Where are you from? United Kingdom How did you find TubeBuddy? I found TubeBuddy back in 2018 when I posted my first video, I think I may have googled How to become a YouTuber or something along them lines. What made...
  6. Laurenk

    Need Advice Video Ideas

    Hi Everyone, I've recently started my channel, I am hoping to have a channel like Summer xo or Demi Donnelly. I don't want to be too professional, I want my videos to be fun for girls around my age (23). I love watching story times, Q&A's etc. However I have no idea what I could do for my next...
  7. Laurenk

    Question My views keep changing

    Hey Everyone, I'm a little confused, My Channels views were at 602 but are now 599 and have been stuck at that number for 2 days even though my videos say i've had more views? I am really confused, does this ever happen to anybody else? Thanks everyone! Lauren
  8. Laurenk

    Question How long should my videos be?

    Hey Everyone, I have no idea on how long my videos should be. I don't want to be producing anything that's too short that nobody wants to watch but I also don't want to be boring everybody with super long videos as I know that watch time is important. I don't want people getting fed up and...
  9. Laurenk

    YouTube Help How can I gain more views?

    Hi Everyone, I'm just wondering how I can gain more views. I'm a little aprehensive about sharing my videos on my social media at the moment as I'm a very anxious person and I don't like the thought of anybody I know trying to put me down or laughing at me whilst I'm just starting out. My close...
  10. Laurenk

    Other Milestone 602 Views

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering how long it took you all to get to 1k views? I have just achieved 602 which is a huge milestone for me however I only have 43 subs :( but I'll get there. I need to up my game as I'd like to get to 1k views over the next few months and I definitely need to gain some...