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  1. Virtual Road Trip

    Subscriber Milestone 600 Subscribers

    Didn't really have anywhere else to announce this. My 5 year journey to 1000 continues.
  2. Virtual Road Trip

    Subscriber Milestone 500 Subscribers

    500 for 5 years. Not bad I guess. Didn't think I'd ever get here even if it did take awhile.
  3. Virtual Road Trip

    Channel Milestone 100,000 Views

    This one kind of sneaked up on me to be honest. Lets see how many I have after another 5 years.
  4. Virtual Road Trip

    Gaming Any Sim City fans here?

    So I've certainly noticed most of the people here seem to be gamers. I fancy myself a gamer as well even though my channel has nothing to do with gaming. I've played just about every genre but throughout my gaming life I've always loved Sim City the most, particularly SC4. I also like the...
  5. Virtual Road Trip

    Camera Gear Best way to reduce shaking

    Hey everyone I've recently started using my cell phone to record video since its much higher quality than the dash cams I used to use. Only problem is my videos are very shaky when Im walking and my breathing can always be heard in the background even though Im not out of breath or anything...
  6. Virtual Road Trip

    Lifestyle Channel Re-Introducing Virtual Road Trip

    User name: Virtual Road Trip Title of introduction: Re-Introducing Virtual Road Trip Your name/ Alias: Ari Where are you from? Upstate, NY USA How did you find TubeBuddy? I was watching tutorial videos on YT for making videos and it was recommended. What made you join the TubeBuddy forums...
  7. Virtual Road Trip

    Channel Milestone 50 Videos

    I know its not the most exciting milestone but it took me almost 5 years to get there. Hoping to reach 500 subs this year as well. Slow and steady.