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  1. bananb

    YouTube Tips Is a stupid face on your thumbnail necessary to get lots of clicks?

    See what thumbnail you click on Use the same strategy
  2. bananb

    YouTube Question So how do you get back into making content after being busy with other priorities?

    Start small or make small content If you have a big content to share Once a week is good for you Or create a series of small content in a row and publish everyday
  3. bananb

    YouTube Help Becareful when making old private videos public...

    I had a same idea too Thanks for sharing man
  4. bananb

    Video Research Making A Better Video | How to Improve Your Story

    I hat the same thing going for me to I just saw it as I got nothing left to do so I just doing and keep getting myself better and better
  5. bananb

    YouTube Opinion How Did You Decide What Videos To Make?

    I pay attention to what kind of videos that I watch
  6. bananb

    Need Advice is a "relaxing music" type channel worth it?

    Not anymore There are better ways
  7. bananb

    Entertainment Channel All about Drawing

    Nice Go and subscribe pablo cimadevila Learn from his channel It will be great for your channel
  8. bananb

    YouTube Help Is This Normal? How can I boost my subscribers

    my channel is about more professional and tech and business So great start to connect with more people is LinkedIn Even about art is good choice Start with social media and be active with it And redirect them to YouTube Still depends on your channel nich
  9. bananb

    YouTube Question Are you a cosmetics/lifestyle/beauty Youtube channel? If so what are your experiences?

    I got one name for you pablo cimadevila Subscribe to his channel and learn from what his doing
  10. bananb

    YouTube Tips Are intros a waste in the video?

    Best strategy is to watch those channels that you like and watching it regularly And at first adapt what they’re doing and bring improve upon them
  11. bananb

    YouTube Question Did Youtube change the End Screen length option?

    In the end Ur doesn’t matter If there is change we must adapt and learn a new way for it
  12. bananb

    YouTube Tips Are intros a waste in the video?

    Just focus on what videos are you watching and see what takes your attention And do the same Don’t think about what should be best way For now do what is working right now
  13. bananb

    YouTube Tips Using Ai to create content

    Exactly I want to show step by step to do unique better way to create content with Ai for free
  14. bananb

    YouTube Opinion Ai in YouTube

    In the pass year I monetized a YouTube channel With the help of Ai for free I’m this weekend i prepared a content so I can help new people to use this as a start for them selves
  15. bananb

    YouTube Tips What Niche Should I Choose?

    Because it takes a hour to watch the tutorial I’m text it will take much more than that In text
  16. bananb

    YouTube Tips What Niche Should I Choose?

    Alright That’s great I’ll make a video I’m Ben nice to meet you Matt
  17. bananb

    Business Channel I’m Ben Badr, owner of FlowConnect YouTube Channel

    Hey Kathleen Thank you so much I’ll keep it in mind to not happens again Thanks again
  18. bananb

    Music Channel Ambient Music - Newbie

    Hey do you make your own music or get non copyrighted or buy the license
  19. bananb

    YouTube Tips What Niche Should I Choose?

    I didn’t think I sales anything or bag you for anything I just asked if I create video in a subject like this Would anyone interested You can say no And it would be ok I don’t care about people don’t want anything from me I care about people are interested about what I have to say
  20. bananb

    YouTube Question Will changing title of video hurt performance?

    In SEO yes Based on recently changes In YouTube Engagement No