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  1. AurigaDave

    YouTube Opinion This means more than Subscribers to me :-)

    For those that do not know, I run an Astronomy/Science education Channel..... Today I got this comment on my video 'whats on in the May Sky' "This is great and, as Webmaster for the Cardiff Astronomical Society, I have used this video as a replacement for the NASA monthly night sky video that we...
  2. AurigaDave

    YouTube Question updating an online video

    If I wish to change say the music track on a video I have published, but has already got views etc, is there a way I can update it without losing the original (I have the video project saved on my PC, so altering it will not be hard) as I don;t want it to be seen as a NEW film of lose it's...
  3. AurigaDave

    Answered Problem with health report

    When I run the health report it never seems to finish, I just get numbers for Viewers, Subs and uploads (which I know lol) and a load of windows with circular arrows going round and around for hours...is this normal? how long should it take and If something is wrong how do I fix it? Dave :-)
  4. AurigaDave

    Need Advice Patreon & merchandise

    How many people have successfully used merchandising as part of their channel and likewise Patreon(s) . Are there any tips that can be given as I am thinking about this, and all help is appreciated, such as what merchandise works best and how much to charge for patreon's Also which are the...
  5. AurigaDave

    Channel Milestone 1,000 Subs

    Got there, damn hard work though...onwards we go
  6. AurigaDave

    Subscriber Milestone 650 subs :-)

    Finally got over 650 subs...onwards I go :)