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  1. AurigaDave

    Gaming Channel Im a roblox Youtuber that has 1k plus views!

    you need more than 1000 subs to make money
  2. AurigaDave

    Life How does the pandemic affects you?

    I have had no work since mid March and I expect I will have none until september at the earliest, I work in Schools in the Uk and they are being very difficult at the moment, probably the most scared group, and without justification.
  3. AurigaDave

    Video Review How can I make this video more engaging to get more audience retention?

    you said "Maybe cause its my personality or that I am not that funny " that was what I was replying to
  4. AurigaDave

    Educational Channel Hello fellows my name is Bentil and I want for tell you guys who I am.

    You seem to be suggesting sub4sub to all new posters on here..YT will ban both of you if you do
  5. AurigaDave

    Educational Channel Trying to explore myself.

    I hope you are not suggesting Sub 4 Sub as that can get you both banned by YT
  6. AurigaDave

    Educational Channel Trying to explore myself.

    Hi, welcome to TubeBuddy. I must say I am struggling to understand your channel? Are the videos yours for start? as they appear o be presented by different people? also having 44 videos which are identical, does not mean YT thinks you have 44 videos...their algorithms are not that daft...I...
  7. AurigaDave

    Vlog Channel Making intimacy with God a daily priority

    Nice Channel. simple straight forward, your thumbnails tell the right message , you just need to get the word out, and you are competing with lots of christian/religious channels. Start by maybe creating a flyer with a R code on it you can hand out at your church, and give to friends...even had...
  8. AurigaDave

    Educational Channel Hello fellows my name is Bentil and I want for tell you guys who I am.

    Your channel is straight forward and VERY easy to understand, BUT be careful of copyright on the video clips you are using, both for the music and the Video :-)
  9. AurigaDave

    Download obs with external Hard Drive

    I am not sure, but sometimes Laptops/PC's have to run the clip through their own memory on route to an external HD, so IF there is not enough to 'hold the file' to be written, they generate an error...try an copy some of your existing files to the External to create enough space for the files...
  10. AurigaDave

    Video Review How can I make this video more engaging to get more audience retention?

    If you are creating a serious video you do not need to be funny :-)
  11. AurigaDave

    Need Advice How to get your first 10 subscirbers?

    I got over 100 subs, by letting clients know and I only had around 5 videos....get the word out, put links on Facebook, twitter etc
  12. AurigaDave

    TubeBuddy Tips Getting free gear sent your way...

    ow may vies/subs do you think you need before contacting a company for products to review?
  13. AurigaDave

    Need Advice upload per week or every 2 weeks

    I agree, it is better to upload a few high quality well edited videos than lots of poor ones
  14. AurigaDave

    YouTube Opinion This means more than Subscribers to me :-)

    I put it here, as so many think the ONLY way to achieve success on YouTube is subs and views...and make money...there is so much more :-)
  15. AurigaDave

    UK Tiger King!

    Aye Up Chuck, Where are you from? I suspect many won;t even understand you accent in the UK LOL, I do I'm a Northerner :-) I geet what your film is about, and do find it funny...I am not sure it will translate...as people will wonder where the animals are (not that there are none lol) and maybe...
  16. AurigaDave

    TubeBuddy Thanks for help

    This Forum is so supportive, you never read 'put downs' to questions, and always see positivity in replies :-)
  17. AurigaDave

    Editing Software Filmora9 or DaVinci

    I fine Filmora's ChromaKey is very sensitive to the slightest shadow...if your background is 100% smooth and flat (and well lit) it may work well for you, I think you get a X days free trial...have a look...it is a good program, but like most people get used to the ones we work with lol
  18. AurigaDave

    Gear Advice Best inexpensive Lighting?

    Small USB rechargable 90 LED lights are good and cheap