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  1. CoW mAn

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Instagram

    I'd love to see TubeBuddy for Instagram - either as a separate app or integrated into the main app/plugin/site. Suggested hashtags based on what you've written so far, previous posts, maybe even metadata from the picture. Suggested accounts to tags based on selected tags. Suggested locations...
  2. CoW mAn

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Channel Scan: Best Practices & Worst CTR

    I'd love to see a feature where you TB does scan of my channel and provides lists of: -All videos without End Screens -All videos without Info Cards -Top 10 (20? 50?) Worst CTRs Basically apply the Best Practices check across the channel and then provide lists of videos that have not completed...
  3. CoW mAn

    Educational Channel Travel & Creator Support: A Servant Of 2 Masters

    User name: CoW mAn Title of introduction: Travel & Creator Support: A Servant Of 2 Masters Your name/ Alias: CoW mAn Where are you from? Vancouver How did you find TubeBuddy? Small YouTubers Boost Facebook Group What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? A desire to learn and share knowledge...