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  1. Inka Bazinka ASMR

    YouTube Question Am I allowed to advertise my t-shirts in the video description?

    Hello, is it ok to post a link in the description of all my videos directing people to buy a t-shirt I’ve designed? I know that I’ve seen people sell all kinds of things in the description box, but given the recent changes with YouTube, I though I’d ask. All the best, Inga
  2. Inka Bazinka ASMR

    TubeBuddy How to hide or show subscriber count

    Hello, I wish to know how to show or hide my YouTube subscriber count next to the small YouTube logo below my messages? I don't wish to hide my subscriber count on YouTube, only on the forum. Is this possible? Thank you, Inga
  3. Inka Bazinka ASMR

    Channel Banner Feedback Please give some feedback on my new banner :)

    Hello, I would like to know what you think about my new banner! It is very important to me and I will pay attention to each and every suggestion :) Thank you, Inga
  4. Inka Bazinka ASMR

    How-To Channel Weight Loss and ASMR - Inka Bazinka ASMR

    User name: Inka Bazinka ASMR Title of introduction: Weight Loss and ASMR - Inka Bazinka ASMR Your name/ Alias: Inka Bazinka ASMR Where are you from? Latvia How did you find TubeBuddy? I found TubeBuddy when I was trying to figure out how to publish on YouTube. I kept digging further and came...