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  1. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Help Switching Editing Software

    Had my M1 iMac for a couple of months now and as I bought through the educational offer, I added the pro software bundle that included Final Cut Pro X. Up until then I had been using Filmora X, which is super easy to use and to be fair has been improving very quickly with new add ons/versions...
  2. EnglishwithLiz

    TubeBuddy Hello Again & #shorts

    Hi I feel I should introduce myself again as due to ill health I have been away from the forum for several months. I have however kept producing videos and dabbling with #shorts, producing one very week and last week's has finally gained some traction with 12.7k views. Happy to discuss the...
  3. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Question Another YouTube Tags question

    I put hashtags on all my YT videos with no problems by entering 3 max in the description. However, just posted a vertical video with #short and it is now just showing my location as Asia under the video where the hashtags normally appear. Does anyone know why? Is it because YT short video app...
  4. EnglishwithLiz

    Video Review New experiment - Video within a Video - Good idea???

    User name: EnglishwithLiz Title of thread: New experiment - Video within a Video - Good idea??? Self review: I am trying to develop more upbeat and engaging teaching videos, so created a fast paced video within the lesson to highlight vocabulary and issues on the subject. I think the video...
  5. EnglishwithLiz

    Video Review Vertical Video Trailer. Is this too car orientated?

    User name: EnglishwithLiz Title of thread: Vertical Video Trailer. Is this too car orientated? Self review: I wanted to try a Vertical Video trailer as a way of advertising an up and coming English lesson on car vocabulary. I have made it mildly entertaining but I think it should be more...
  6. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    Well I'll kick this of by giving my reasons I know I can teach and I love it, so I wanted to see if I could switch from classroom to YT - and what a learning curve it has been! I also wanted a project with my husband that we could work on together. I do the teaching, writing etc and he is on...
  7. EnglishwithLiz

    Automotive Any other petrol heads out there?

    What is the stereotypical passion of a middle aged, female, English Teacher???? Well in my profession I have yet to find someone who shares my passion for fast cars, so I thought I would reach out here to find if there are any kindred spirits? I know one of the moderators @Aaron is, but...
  8. EnglishwithLiz

    Educational Channel I help people improve their English Accent & Language Skills

    User name: EnglishwithLiz Title of introduction: I help people improve their English Accent & Language Skills Your name/ Alias: Queen Liz Where are you from? United Kingdom How did you find TubeBuddy? Google What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To improve my SEO knowledge What would...
  9. EnglishwithLiz

    Answered Keyword Explorer - Related Box

    Two Questions I type a two word phrase into Keyword Explorer and in the 'Related Box' on the right hand side it lists Video Searches, Web Searches and Video Topics - How are each of these lists compiled? On search volume? Also when I type in a two word phrase Like 'Pronunciation English' it...