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  1. LFH

    TubeBuddy How has tubebuddy benefited you in growing or improving your channel?

    For me, tubebuddy has made me get an increase of views on some of my videos. I also know how to make better tags and keywords for my videos which has also helped. I didn't know about putting hashtags in my descriptions and the importance of how using the description well would impact the way my...
  2. LFH

    YouTube Question How can I grow my channel and increase the number of subs and views I get?

    Well this community has a lot of persons with successful channels so I was wondering if anyone had ways they know of that can help
  3. LFH

    Video Review I would like a video review on my first youtube template video

    User name: LFH Title of thread: I would like a video review on my first youtube template video Self review: I feel good about this video. My impressions is at 167 but nobody has really watched the videos other than my friends, I have 24 views. I'm curious as to what I could have done...
  4. LFH

    Lifestyle Channel Organized randomness

    User name: LFH Title of introduction: Organized randomness Your name/ Alias: K Where are you from? An island How did you find TubeBuddy? Through a youtuber What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I wanted a place where i can relate to persons and also help growing my channel What would you like...