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  1. Steverd

    Thumbnail Feedback Which Thumbnail for our new MOXIE video

    Well once again Thumbltics didn't help much. I got a CTR 52% vs 48% It's basically either: What's a Moxie vs You've Got Moxie? Right now Live on YouTube the 1st one has a 4.5% CTR Do YOU have any thoughts or opinions?
  2. Steverd

    Thumbnail Feedback Tiny CAVALIER walks a HUSKY - Best Friends!

    I like the video I just posted, BUT Not sure about the title and thumbnail. It's a video of our young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel walking our Husky around the yard. Current title is: Tiny CAVALIER walks a HUSKY - Best Friends! And here is the current Thumbnail. Do you have any ideas to...
  3. Steverd

    Answered TAGS reload is way too slow now

    When I go to SORT my tags and then click "Apply & Close" the reload or re-population is painfully slow, about one word per 5 seconds. Sometimes the reload freezes and only loads about half of the tags I had before. I how copy and back up my tags always before I use sort, because I might lose...
  4. Steverd

    Channel Review How to take my channel to the next level

    User name: Steverd Title of thread: How to take my channel to the next level Self review: This channel is gaining 200-300 subs a months, with over 180k views a month and over 800 videos. I feel my channel could be growing faster. I have been working on my thumbnails and seem to be more...