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  1. bectries_food

    Channel Milestone 7000 views!

    My channel has got 7000 views and I am stoked! I had a couple of shorts get some good views and two of my longer videos have now had 100 views
  2. bectries_food

    Subscriber Milestone 25 subscribers

    I had been sitting on 5 subscribers for a few months and decide to take a shot at uploading a couple of shorts. As well as gaining 20 subscribers, I also had one of my shorts hit 1800 views!
  3. bectries_food

    Video Research Experience with YT Shorts

    I understand that Youtube Shorts is still in beta in India, but I'm curious to hear about people's experiences with it (both in the beta and people uploading using the #shorts tag). I'm seeing anecdotally (Reddit in particular) that some smaller creators are seeing bumps in subscriber counts and...
  4. bectries_food

    Channel Milestone 200 views!

    I am super stoked meeting this goal! Not only is my newest video performing a lot better than my last one - but I also doubled my subscriber count (which is still tiny, but still a massive boost!)
  5. bectries_food

    How-To Channel Hello from a food and travel youtube channel!

    User name: bectries_food Title of introduction: Hello from a food and travel youtube channel! Your name/ Alias: bectries_food Where are you from? Australia How did you find TubeBuddy? Reddit What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Wanted to see what I could learn from other youtubers What...