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  1. Steverd

    Thumbnail Feedback Some apps to make thumbnails on

    If you don't want to learn Photoshop then go with Canva.
  2. Steverd

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail help!!

    Definitely the SECOND one, The check mark on the 1st video didn't make sense to me.
  3. Steverd

    Thumbnail Feedback What do you think about this THUMBNAIL ? Will you click ?

    Is there two thumbnails? I can't tell what the video is about from either thumbnail. Best wishes on your channel.
  4. Steverd

    Thumbnail Feedback Which Thumbnail for our new MOXIE video

    Well once again Thumbltics didn't help much. I got a CTR 52% vs 48% It's basically either: What's a Moxie vs You've Got Moxie? Right now Live on YouTube the 1st one has a 4.5% CTR Do YOU have any thoughts or opinions?
  5. Steverd

    Thumbnail Feedback Tiny CAVALIER walks a HUSKY - Best Friends!

    So the 2nd thumbnail with the Can a Cavalier Puppy Walk a Husky has a 3.5% CTR
  6. Steverd

    Thumbnail Feedback Tiny CAVALIER walks a HUSKY - Best Friends!

    I like the video I just posted, BUT Not sure about the title and thumbnail. It's a video of our young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel walking our Husky around the yard. Current title is: Tiny CAVALIER walks a HUSKY - Best Friends! And here is the current Thumbnail. Do you have any ideas to...
  7. Steverd

    Answered TAGS reload is way too slow now

    When I go to SORT my tags and then click "Apply & Close" the reload or re-population is painfully slow, about one word per 5 seconds. Sometimes the reload freezes and only loads about half of the tags I had before. I how copy and back up my tags always before I use sort, because I might lose...
  8. Steverd

    Camera Gear Best way to reduce shaking

    Easy answer is a tripod, you can also get a nice Gimbal for cell phones. I really like the ones by Zhiyun - If you must walk, get one of these.
  9. Steverd

    Channel Review Obtain more subscribers

    All comments are meant to be constructive only. I would make a few playlist, So you can separate your travel videos from your How-to videos. I thought your avatar was a little dark and busy. So I did a quick example of something to make you stand out. Keep grinder my How-to videos always get...
  10. Steverd

    Channel Review What Do I Need to Change to Grow?

    All comments are meant to be constructive only. Your header/Banner doesn't say anything to me. It's a great start but now add some TEXT over it, or a photo of you, etc. You avatar is nice - did you draw that? Update your ABOUT page, I want to know more about you. I really like SOME of your...
  11. Steverd

    Channel Review Need more watch time and subscriber

    All comments are meant to be constructive only. Have you thought about re doing your Header? Maybe a bolder font for the TECH 4 LIFE? You avatar is very nice - show exactly who you are. I like your About page. What I am really not like is that ALL of your thumbnails look the SAME to me. The...
  12. Steverd

    Channel Review How to take my channel to the next level

    User name: Steverd Title of thread: How to take my channel to the next level Self review: This channel is gaining 200-300 subs a months, with over 180k views a month and over 800 videos. I feel my channel could be growing faster. I have been working on my thumbnails and seem to be more...
  13. Steverd

    Channel Review Can’t pinpoint what I can improve on but I know there’s tons of room for growth please help!

    All feedback is meant to be constructive only. Update your ABOUT page to be more about YOU and not what ASMR is. If they are on your page they probably already know what ASMY. But I want to know who you are. ALso I say it's the thumbnails. They do not say "click me" to me. Looking at this...
  14. Steverd

    Answered TubeBuddy Not Showing Video Tags

    YES - SO far this seems to have FIXED my problem, I went from v1.45.328 to v1.45.627 Thank you
  15. Steverd

    Answered TubeBuddy Not Showing Video Tags

    It's happening AGAIN this weekend I have version 1.45.328 How do I update this to a NEWER version?
  16. Steverd

    Answered TubeBuddy Not Showing Video Tags

    It's ANY Video I click, No matter Firefox or Chrome, But since you asked for links, here are a few, I could send you dozens. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HpwglRc9jA View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4x-apjSkkU View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awxD6KInq88
  17. Steverd

    Answered TubeBuddy Not Showing Video Tags

    I logged on to post the SAME thing. No Tags Saturday and Sunday. I tried Firefox and Chome, also tried a different TB account I have, still Not Working.