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  1. Sumi Kakati

    Subscriber Milestone Reached 20K subscribers

    Feeling Great!! Thank you all my friends and viewers for your constant love and support. Still many more to go.
  2. Sumi Kakati

    Coffee bottle craft idea

    How to turn coffee bottle into a beautiful gift? Watch tutorial https://youtube.com/shorts/Ij93PErlOfg?feature=share
  3. Sumi Kakati

    Teachers day gift

    Tutorial on cute and easy teachers day gift View: https://youtu.be/YYN_k8vPfkQ
  4. Sumi Kakati

    YouTube Question Benefit of suggesting videos in YouTube

    I want to know what exactly is the benefit (to both the individuals) for me while others suggesting my videos? And also what benefit would I have while I suggest others’ videos?
  5. Sumi Kakati

    Channel Milestone 150 uploads

    Feeling happy and lot more to go.
  6. Sumi Kakati

    Handmade Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan

    This is a tutorial on how to make easy and simple Rakhi at home. View: https://youtu.be/DmoChCeYFTk
  7. Sumi Kakati


    CUTE GIFTS FOR DEAREST ONES | DIY GIFT IDEAS This is a tutorial on how to make beautiful handmade friendship day gift ideas at home. View: https://youtu.be/bbc4teE5njU
  8. Sumi Kakati

    Anniversary card

    Card making in 1 minute View: https://youtu.be/IFBE8TIOofY
  9. Sumi Kakati

    Greetings card handmade

    This is a tutorial on how to make friendship day card at home, quick and easy. View: https://youtu.be/czh2th_TsO0
  10. Sumi Kakati

    Greeting card idea latest

    Tutorial on friendship day card making View: https://youtu.be/6tlutvINLYs
  11. Sumi Kakati

    Channel Review Detailed feedback about my channel

    User name: Sumi Kakati Title of thread: Detailed feedback about my channel Self review: Hi everyone. My channel is on Handmade craft ideas. I upload videos weekly. I believe I make good videos and I have tried to give title, description and keywords with good SEO. I used to get good views...
  12. Sumi Kakati

    Channel Milestone 125 uploads

    Just completed 125 uploads. It is a long road ahead. More success to come with a lot of hardwork.
  13. Sumi Kakati

    Handmade Friendship day card idea

    This is a tutorial on Handmade Friendship Day card. I hope you enjoy this video. View: https://youtu.be/35-zeMbv7Rc
  14. Sumi Kakati

    Hot air balloon craft idea/ Gift idea/ Room decor

    This is a tutorial on how to make a hot air balloon at home. It is made of yarn and contain a basket filled with flowers. It can be used as gifts, center table showpiece, for Room Decor, etc. View: https://youtu.be/3lyU08xC8wc
  15. Sumi Kakati

    YouTube Question How can I increase the no of views I get?

    Is there a way that would help me increase my daily views and grow my channel even more.
  16. Sumi Kakati

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on my thumbnail

    What do you think about these thumbnails? Please provide feedback.
  17. Sumi Kakati

    Need Advice Not getting enough views

    It’s been almost 3 years since I started my channel. At first I was getting many views but now I am not being able to get enough views. I think I make good videos, but I want others’ viewpoint regarding my channel - Is my videos not good enough or interesting to engage more viewers. What should...