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  1. Ameen

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Side/Top Bar showing the important analytics

    Vidiq on chrome has an horizontal bar beside search bar that shows the recent analytics of your channel /.. tb instead of doing they can may be do something simmilar as it is really good ti check recent analytics instead of going in youtube studio or something like that
  2. Ameen

    Forum Milestone 100 FORUM POSTS TODAY

    I reached 10 forum posts today ... that's a huge number :)
  3. Ameen

    Subscriber Milestone Reached 120 subs [took close to 2 months]

    I got like -10 subs and then + good amt so it's been a good thing You learn as you live
  4. Ameen

    Video Research Searching titles in the depths of sea

    I really want how you search for 'topic' to made video on.... I have no ideas on what to make [please don't say look at competitors , I have dont that :)] What is your process ? How do you start a new playlist? What has worked and what hasn't worked for you thanks in advance for sharing your view
  5. Ameen

    YouTube Resources Tools for keyword reserach

    Do you know any good free tools for keyword research ?
  6. Ameen

    Twitter Using twitter to advertise

    Do you think marketting on youtube is worth it ? What are your best tips for ppl with new twitter account ?
  7. Ameen

    YouTube Resources What are the free tools you use ?

    What are the tools you use that help you in ranking in search better ? What was your experience from using em and do you still use em?
  8. Ameen

    Channel Review Please correct me where I am wrong

    User name: Ameen Title of thread: Please correct me where I am wrong Self review: So i analayzed my thumbnails and made them better and even increased the volume in future videoes but plz tell me how to improve better and choose good topicsMy current stats: watch time : 12 hours view : 450+...
  9. Ameen

    Educational Channel Help serve the community ' at the max ' with our current knowledge

    User name: Ameen Title of introduction: Help serve the community ' at the max ' with our current knowledge Your name/ Alias: Ameen or Coder_Teaches or UnevenCoder Where are you from? India How did you find TubeBuddy? Google searches What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To get help , to...