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  1. Sumi Kakati

    YouTube Help How can i increase subscriber?

    Be consistent and keep uploading videos regularly with good content. Subscribers will come automatically for sure.
  2. Sumi Kakati

    Channel Milestone 35 subscribers. I’m so excited.

    Congratulations!! Keep working hard
  3. Sumi Kakati

    Channel Milestone 18K Subs and 3.5M views. Feeling excited!!

    Just keep posting videos, don’t stop. Once you stop uploading videos for a certain period of time, it’s hard to get views and Subscribes in abundance. Then It’s like starting everything from beginning.
  4. Sumi Kakati

    Subscriber Milestone Reached 20K subscribers

    Feeling Great!! Thank you all my friends and viewers for your constant love and support. Still many more to go.
  5. Sumi Kakati

    Coffee bottle craft idea

    How to turn coffee bottle into a beautiful gift? Watch tutorial https://youtube.com/shorts/Ij93PErlOfg?feature=share
  6. Sumi Kakati

    Subscriber Milestone Half a Century

    Congratulations. Keep up the good work.
  7. Sumi Kakati

    Subscriber Milestone I hit 1,100 subs

    Congratulations. Keep going on. Best wishes to you.
  8. Sumi Kakati

    Teachers day gift

    Tutorial on cute and easy teachers day gift View: https://youtu.be/YYN_k8vPfkQ
  9. Sumi Kakati

    YouTube Tips Subscribers tip

    Just keep uploading videos consistently and create good content. Subscribers will start coming on its own.