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  1. Ameen

    Subscriber Milestone 100k Youtube Creator Award!

    That's a big mile stone congrats ... you reap what u sow ... and your hardwork is rewarding you now .. many more to come )
  2. Ameen

    Subscriber Milestone Got my First 100 subs in 6 days

    That's amazing took me 4 months
  3. Ameen

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Side/Top Bar showing the important analytics

    Vidiq on chrome has an horizontal bar beside search bar that shows the recent analytics of your channel /.. tb instead of doing they can may be do something simmilar as it is really good ti check recent analytics instead of going in youtube studio or something like that
  4. Ameen


    I don't think affiliate is always 12$ for what u buy ... it depends on what the user buys and what is the affiliate commision for it
  5. Ameen

    Lifestyle Channel New member my first post

    Welcome to the forums happy to have u here
  6. Ameen

    How-To Channel A small fish slowly finding her place in this youtube ocean.

    Welcome to the forums happy to have u here Your channel has bright future just keep posting and optimising )
  7. Ameen

    Vlog Channel vlogging &lifestyle

    @Andrew @Ikerot isn't that advertising everywhere ?
  8. Ameen

    Entertainment Channel Entertaining food vlogger and food reviewer!!

    Welcome to the forums happy to have u here
  9. Ameen

    Entertainment Channel i love to eat and cook

    Welcome to the forums happy to have u here
  10. Ameen

    Who Can Post Last?

    Looks like i m last again sad lyf
  11. Ameen

    Technology Channel 1st of 3 Channels on my way to become a YouTuber

    Welcome to the forums happy to have you here :)
  12. Ameen

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail A or B [YouTube Lighting Tutorial]

    Second one give a bit more info on what u r going to push First one js kinda dull
  13. Ameen

    Community Channel Im flexible

    Welcome happy to have you here
  14. Ameen

    Gear Opinion Expensive or cheap

    I just have an old mic and a tab or a laptop to screenrecord the vid that's all:) looking forward to buying new things so technically im a cheap youtuber sadly :(
  15. Ameen

    Forum Milestone 100 FORUM POSTS TODAY

    I reached 10 forum posts today ... that's a huge number :)
  16. Ameen

    Need Advice Youtube career growth?

    How many vids do u have on it ? You should try to become an authority in certain type of music[usually tales 3-4 months] Have patience and do ur thing well
  17. Ameen

    YouTube Tips The Sub 4 Sub Ban Club

    I have tried my best and am still trying to be away from it
  18. Ameen

    Entertainment Channel CJS Vision

    You first write a feedback to a post ... then create a new thread in the section fill in the details and post