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  1. tri haryanto

    Facebook The best way for sharing Youtube Video on Social Media

    There is a tip said that it's better to share only the part of the video as a thriller instead of just share a link to social media like Facebook or Linkedin. Is it right?
  2. tri haryanto

    Need Advice Google Ads To Promoto Video

    Hi All, I am still confused regarding Youtube video promotion with Google Ads. Some said it's good to get subscribers but not for watch time. Extremely, somebody said that watch time will not be counted. Else said that it's good for a channel that has been monetized to get more revenue. My...
  3. tri haryanto

    How-To Channel Small Company Owner who interested with Health&Wellness

    User name: tri haryanto Title of introduction: Small Company Owner who interested with Health&Wellness Your name/ Alias: Tri Haryanto Where are you from? Indonesia How did you find TubeBuddy? Youtuber What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? SEO Reason What would you like to accomplish...