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  1. ShanitatorWiggy

    Life I cant believe it!

    Okay, Not to blow my own trumpet or whatever but due to my learning disabilities, my mental problems, and being a mummy to a 1-year-old child, I have to work a lot harder than most people to get where I want to in life. So I am so proud to announce I'm going to university again!!
  2. ShanitatorWiggy

    YouTube Question What games should I play on my channel? What do you want to see? PC games only please.

    Since I started using tubebuddy my views have gone from 30ish per video in the first few days to 0. What games can I play to boost my views?
  3. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Looking for someone to play with.

    I am looking for someone to play satisfactory with, Not for youtube just for fun. I've never played satisfactory co-op and on solo mode, I always get stuck at the same point. Does anyone want to play with me?
  4. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Channel Anyone for a collab? Another small channel like me maybe?

    User name: ShanitatorWiggy Title: Anyone for a collab? Another small channel like me maybe? Age: 21 Type of collaboration: Any gaming collab, I have a lot of steam games so by all means drop me a message and let me know what you play, lets work something out. Amount of Subscribers: 21 Ways...
  5. ShanitatorWiggy

    Thumbnail Feedback With or Without title?

    Do my thumbnails look more clickable with or without the title being on the screen? I've noticed a lot of people have the title there so I didn't want it to blend in with others too much.
  6. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming what games does everyone enjoy playing?

    What games does everyone like? Steam and pc games, please!
  7. ShanitatorWiggy

    Channel Milestone I HAVE 800 VIEWS!

    WE FINALLY REACHED 800 VIEWS. Unfortunately, my whole house is suffering from covid so I haven't been uploading. All being well, ill be back on track in a few days though, once my head clears and I get my breath back.
  8. ShanitatorWiggy

    Thumbnail Feedback Is this better than my previous ones?

    I spent about an hour transforming my little avatar into a chef to add to the thumbnail (I'm not a good artist and i don't have good tools to do it either), but does it make for a more engaging thumbnail? I worked really hard on it...
  9. ShanitatorWiggy

    Need Advice Subscriber amount has stalled

    So, I've had 19 subscribers for a while now and I am just not managing to reach a new audience. Only 10% of my views come from people who are not subscribed to the channel, so I'm not reaching anyone new. As a small channel, how can I get noticed? I have tried asking for people to do...
  10. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Channel Does anyone play Satisfactory?

    User name: ShanitatorWiggy Title: Does anyone play Satisfactory? Age: 21 Type of collaboration: I am Dying to test out satisfactory on my channel, and I am dying to test out the multiplayer in general as none of my friends have a computer that can handle the massive demand from the game...
  11. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Channel I'd love to do a minecraft collab if anyone is interested

    User name: ShanitatorWiggy Title: I'd love to do a minecraft collab if anyone is interested Age: 21 Type of collaboration: Minecraft mainly, but other games too if I have them or can afford to get them at the time. Amount of Subscribers: 19 Ways to contact you: Twitter: @ShanitatorWiggy...
  12. ShanitatorWiggy

    YouTube Opinion Game suggestions

    Hi, I am a small gaming channel, I try to upload every day where possible, but I'm unsure what games to play next, or what ideas to try. I am looking for some free/low-cost games that I could play on my channel, as at the moment I am running out of games in my steam account. I play pc, most of...
  13. ShanitatorWiggy

    A/B Testing Thumbnail colour?

    This is my first attempt at making my own thumbnail but the game is all black and white so I tried to tweak the color. which of these is the best?
  14. ShanitatorWiggy

    TubeBuddy Suggestion stay signed in

    You should add the 'keep me signed in' option as signing in 20-30 times a day is a nightmare
  15. ShanitatorWiggy

    Editing Software Editing Software

    Can anyone recommend any good, free editing software? I tried filmora, but the software is too expensive to buy and the free version adds a huge watermark that obstructs most of the screen for the whole video. Thanks in Advance
  16. ShanitatorWiggy

    Gaming Channel Hello!

    User name: ShanitatorWiggy Title of introduction: Hello! Your name/ Alias: Shanon Wigman Where are you from? United Kingdom How did you find TubeBuddy? advert on YouTube What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I want to find other people with similar interests and hopefully grow my channel...