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  1. Amit Thinks

    Question Today, the Video Options under YouTube Studio vanished with TubeBuddy

    Hi, The YouTube Dashboard videos listing section (on the right of comments and monetization buttons) isn't displaying the Options button. It vanished today. However, it is showing the tooltip on hover and working, but how has the button vanished? The TubeBussy button is visible. Note: Tried...
  2. Amit Thinks

    Answered Canned Responses button only visible for recent comments

    Hi, The Canned Responses button isn't visible for every comment. I am getting 30-50 comments a day. How am I supposed to reply to them with Canned Responses if the button vanishes after around 10-12 comments? PFA -- Thanks, Amit Thinks YouTube Channel Follow me here: youtube.com/c/Amittechie
  3. Amit Thinks

    Channel Milestone 500k Views!

  4. Amit Thinks

    Subscriber Milestone 54000 Subscribers!!!

    Reached 54000 Subscribers!!! :)
  5. Amit Thinks

    Answered TubeBuddy unable to provide Views Milestone Data

    Things are getting difficult for me on TubeBuddy. As I said above, Josh Gomez and I had lots of discussions via email.
  6. Amit Thinks

    Answered TubeBuddy unable to provide Views Milestone Data

    Hi, Lots of discussion with the support team @TubeBuddy Josh Gomez in the last month. I must appreciate his quick response and fixes via email, but I am waiting for the Milestone for 20 days now. I get 1 million views every month. I am now at 15,611,128 views and would reach 16 million in 2...
  7. Amit Thinks

    YouTube Question Is there a way to gain more views AND subscribers at the same time?

    Post quality videos and believe in yourself! Content (Video Content) is King!!! Initially, you only need one video to get your channel on track.
  8. Amit Thinks

    Answered TubeBuddy unable to provide Views Milestone Data

    I am getting the Subscribers Milestone at the right time, but the Views Milestone says, "No Views Milestones found in last 30 days". I completed 15,000,000 views in the same period. Tried a lot. Tubebuddy was unable to help me out.
  9. Amit Thinks

    Subscriber Milestone Reached 53000 Subscribers

    Reached 53k Subscribers!!!
  10. Amit Thinks

    YouTube Question How many subs do you think you can get by 2023

    I have 53k subs. Getting around 3k-4k subs per month. 2023: Around 80k
  11. Amit Thinks

    Subscriber Milestone Reached 50000 Subscribers

    We reached 50,000 Subscribers!!! :)
  12. Amit Thinks

    Subscriber Milestone We Hit 49000 Subscribers!

    We reached 49,000 subscribers on our Educational YouTube Channel Amit Thinks. Nearing 50k subscribers this week.