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  1. TrVlogs

    YouTube Opinion Hardest channels to grow?

    What Youtube channel genres do you think are hardest to grow? For me, I think it's vlogging channels. My friends have vlogging channels they seem to struggle with. You seem to have to do clickbait or be fake nowadays to grow. What do you think are the hardest channels to grow?
  2. TrVlogs

    YouTube Question So what editor do we all use?

    Right now, I use Corel VideoStudio 2020 it is good but a bit buggy & glitchy. However, my dream editor to use is DaVinci Resolve (By Blackmagic Designs) it is far better in my option than adobe. But it's a bit too powerful for my laptop. I tried it before & I love it! My computer just can't...
  3. TrVlogs

    Automotive Any other car enthusiasts on here?

    I got into cars a few years back. I have been in love with them ever since. I use to go to car meets all time but now it's mostly just banger meets or too much drama a meets now. However, I have been going to cars & coffee a lot. As far as cars I would love to build would be an FD, E92 M3, GT...
  4. TrVlogs

    Video Review Video intro question. Music or to the point first.

    User name: TrVlogs Title of thread: Video intro question. Music or to the point first. Self review: Hello, I am making a new channel intro video this week. But wanted to know should I add the music & videos first? Or start it with me talking about me what to expect from the channel first then...
  5. TrVlogs

    YouTube Opinion Dislike abuse issue & a better banning/block feature.

    Ok, I posted this on another forum. I wanted to see everyone's thoughts on this. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT! Now first off, I love what YouTube has done, but I feel at times YouTube doesn't care at all about some things. I do thank them for this platform. I have made many friends that I...
  6. TrVlogs

    Vlog Channel Hello Peeps!

    User name: TrVlogs Title of introduction: Hello Peeps! Your name/ Alias: Tr Where are you from? Maryland How did you find TubeBuddy? Youtube video What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Talk to other Youtubers because other Youtube forums are not active. What would you like to accomplish...